Building a rootfs

  • Create the directory for storing your rootfs data. This could be a loop mounted dir, or just a plain directory. For e.g:

    mkdir /destination/

  • Install the baselayout (contains the basics of the filesystem)

    pisi it --ignore-comar baselayout.pisi -D /destination

  • Install all the pisis you need (replace abcd.pisi with yours)

    pisi it --ignore-comar abcd.pisi -D /destination

  • Next we need to configure the rootfs. For this, we need to first setup some requirements:

    mount --bind /proc /destination/proc

  • Configure the package

    pisi cp baselayout.pyp

    pisi cp

  • Generate a squashfs

    mksquashfs destination myimage.img -noappend -comp gzip -ef /tmp/lkj