Paketler ( 51 )

İsim Sürüm Açıklama Kategori Depo
handbrake 1.6.0 The open source video transcoder. multimedia.converter main
hardinfo 0.5.1 System profiler and benchmark tool for Linux systems main
harfbuzz 8.2.2 OpenType text shaping engine desktop.font main
harfbuzz-32bit 8.2.2 32-bit shared libraries for harfbuzz emul32 main
harfbuzz-devel 8.2.2 OpenType text shaping engine programming.devel main
harfbuzz-docs 8.2.2 harfbuzz reference documents main
hdf5 1.10.5 NCSA Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) Software Library and Utilities science.misc main
hdf5-devel 1.10.5 Development files for hdf5 programming.devel main
hdparm 9.63 Utility to change hard drive performance parameters hardware.disk main
help2man 1.49.3 GNU utility to convert program --help output to a man page system.base main
hex-a-hop 1.1.0 Hexagonal puzzle game game.puzzle main
hexalate 1.2.1 Hexalate is a color matching game. game.logic main
hexchat 2.16.1 GTK+ IRC client. main
hexchat-devel 2.16.1 Development files for hexchat programming.devel main
hidapi 0.14.0 Simple library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices hardware.bluetooth main
hidapi-devel 0.14.0 Development files for hidapi programming.devel main
history-manager 0.2.9 History Manager Tool for pisi desktop.pisilinux main
homebank 5.2 Free, easy, personal accounting for everyone office main
homebank-data 5.2 Data Files for Homebank office main
hplip 3.23.12 HP Linux Imaging and Printing System hardware.printer main
hplip-docs 3.23.12 Documentation files for HPLIP main
hplip-gui 3.23.12 A set of useful utilities written in Qt for managing HP devices hardware.printer main
hspell 1.4 A free Hebrew linguistic project. office.spellcheck main
htmlcxx 0.86 htmlcxx is a simple non-validating css1 and html parser for C++ programming.misc main
htmlcxx-devel 0.86 Development files for htmlcxx programming.devel main
htop 3.2.1 Visionneur de processus pour Linux util.admin main
http-parser 2.9.4 A http request/response parser for c. programming.misc main
hugin 2022.0.0 A panoramic photo stitcher main
hugin-docs 2020.0.0 Help documents for hugin main
hunspell 1.7.2 An improved spell checker office.spellcheck main
hunspell-devel 1.7.2 Development files for hunspell programming.devel main
hunspell-dict-ca 0.0_20090319 Catalan hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-de 0.0_20161207 German hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-en 2020.12.07 English hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-es 0.0_20081215 Spanish hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-fr 2.3.2 French hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-he 1.4 A free Hebrew linguistic project. office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-it 2.4 Italian hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-nl 2.10g Dutch hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-pl 20160801 Polish hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-pt 20171225 Portuguese hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-ru 0.99f_7 Russian hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-sv 2.40 Swedish hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dict-tr 1.2 Turkish hunspell dictionaries office.dictionary main
hunspell-dictionaries 0.0.0 Hunspell dictionaries in UTF-8. office.dictionary main
hwdata 0.376 Hardware identification and configuration data hardware.misc main
hwloc 2.9.1 Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc) hardware.misc main
hwloc-devel 2.9.1 Development files for hwloc programming.devel main
hydrogen 1.1.0 Advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux multimedia.sound main
hydrogen-devel 1.1.0 hydrogen için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
hypnotix 4.3 Hypnotix is an IPTV streaming application with support for live TV, movies and series. main