Paketler ( 165 )

İsim Sürüm Açıklama Kategori Depo
t1lib 5.1.2 A Type 1 Font Rasterizer Library for UNIX/X11 multimedia.misc main
t1lib-devel 5.1.2 Development files for t1lib programming.devel main
t1utils 1.41 Type 1 Font utilities office.misc main
tageditor 3.7.8 A tag editor with Qt GUI and command-line interface. multimedia.editor main
taglib 1.13 A library for reading and editing audio meta data. multimedia.misc main
taglib-devel 1.13 Development files for taglib programming.devel main
taglib-extras 1.0.1 Taglib extras library from Amarok team multimedia.misc main
taglib-extras-devel 1.0.1 Development files for taglib-extras programming.devel main
tagparser 11.6.0 C++ library for reading and writing MP4/M4A/AAC (iTunes), ID3, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC and Matroska tags. multimedia.misc main
tagparser-devel 11.6.0 C++ library for reading and writing MP4/M4A/AAC (iTunes), ID3, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC and Matroska tags. programming.devel main
tar 1.35 A GNU file archiving program system.base main
tcl 8.6.13 Tcl programming language programming.language.tcl main
tcl-devel 8.6.13 Development files for tcl programming.devel main
tcltk 8.6.13 Tk est une boîte à outils X11 implémentée avec le langage de script Tcl. programming.language.tcl main
tcltk-devel 8.6.13 Development files for tcltk programming.devel main
tcp-wrappers 7.6 TCP Wrappers system.base main
tcp-wrappers-devel 7.6 Development files for tcp-wrappers system.devel main
tcpdump 4.99.1 A Tool for network monitoring and data acquisition network.monitor main
teams Microsoft Teams for Linux is your chat-centered workspace in Office 365 contrib
teamviewer 15.48.4 User friendly remote control application network.misc contrib
tecla 45.0 Tecla uses GTK/Libadwaita for UI, and libxkbcommon to deal with keyboard maps. programming.library main
tecla-devel 45.0 Development files for tecla programming.devel main
telegram-desktop 4.14.4 Official Telegram Desktop client main
telepathy-butterfly 0.5.18 MSN connection manager for Telepathy main
telepathy-farstream 0.6.2 Telepathy client to handle media streaming channels main
telepathy-farstream-devel 0.6.2 Development files for telepathy-farstream programming.devel main
telepathy-farstream-docs 0.6.2 Help files and API documents of telepathy-farstream library main
telepathy-gabble 0.18.4 A Jabber/XMPP connection manager for Telepathy main
telepathy-glib 0.24.1 GLib bindings for the Telepathy D-Bus protocol main
telepathy-glib-devel 0.24.1 Development files for telepathy-glib programming.devel main
telepathy-glib-docs 0.24.1 Help files and API documents of telepathy-glib library main
telepathy-haze 0.8.0 A multi-protocol Libpurple connection manager for Telepathy main
telepathy-idle 0.2.0 IRC connection manager for Telepathy main
telepathy-logger 0.8.2 Logging utility Telepathy main
telepathy-logger-devel 0.8.2 Development files for telepathy-logger programming.devel main
telepathy-logger-qt 17.08.0 Qt bindings for telepathy logger main
telepathy-logger-qt-devel 17.08.0 Development files for telepathy-logger-qt programming.devel main
telepathy-mission-control 5.16.4 Telepathy component managing connection managers main
telepathy-mission-control-devel 5.16.4 Development files for telepathy-mission-control programming.devel main
telepathy-python 0.15.19 Python libraries for Telepathy programming.language.python main
telepathy-qt5 0.9.8 Qt based classes for Telepathy communication framework main
telepathy-qt5-devel 0.9.8 Development files for telepathy-qt5 programming.devel main
telepathy-salut 0.8.1 Link-local XMPP Telepathy connection manager main
telepathy-sunshine 2.0 Gadu-Gadu connection manager for telepathy main
tellico 3.3 A collection manager for KDE office.misc main
telnet-bsd 1.2 Telnet and telnetd network.remoteshell main
template-glib 3.36.1 template-glib is a library for template expansion which supports calling into GObject Introspection from templates. programming.library main
template-glib-devel 3.36.1 Development files for template-glib programming.devel main
tepl 6.8.0 Library that eases the development of GtkSourceView-based text editors and IDEs programming.library main
tepl-devel 6.8.0 tepl için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
termcap 1.3.1 The terminal feature database used by certain applications. programming.misc main
terminator 2.1.3 Multiple terminals in one window. x11.terminal main
terminus-font 4.49.1 Fixed width bitmap font. desktop.font main
tesseract 5.3.1 Tesseract OCR Engine office.misc main
tesseract-data-az 4.1.0 Tesseract OCR program Azerbaijani data office.misc main
tesseract-data-az-cyrillic 4.1.0 Tesseract OCR məlumatları office.misc main
tesseract-data-de 4.1.0 Tesseract OCR-Daten office.misc main
tesseract-data-en 4.1.0 Tesseract OCR data office.misc main
tesseract-data-fr 4.1.0 Données OCR Tesseract office.misc main
tesseract-data-it 4.1.0 Tesseract OCR program Italian data office.misc main
tesseract-data-jpn 4.1.0 Tesseract OCR program Japan data office.misc main
tesseract-data-ru 4.1.0 Данные OCR Tesseract office.misc main
tesseract-data-spa 4.1.0 Datos OCR de Tesseract office.misc main
tesseract-data-tr 4.1.0 Tesseract OCR program Turkish data office.misc main
tesseract-devel 5.3.1 Development files for tesseract programming.devel main
tesseract-tools 5.3.1 Tools for tesseract office.misc main
testdisk 7.2 Powerful free data recovery software hardware.disk main
tetzle 2.1.3 Tetzle is a jigsaw puzzle game game.puzzle main
texi2html 5.0 Texinfo to HTML converter office.misc main
texinfo 7.0.3 programme et utilitaires GNU info. system.base main
texlive-bin 20220321 Tex Live binaries editor.tex main
texlive-bin-devel 20220321 Development files for texlive-bin programming.devel main
texlive-core 2022.63035 TeX Live core distribution. editor.tex main
texstudio 4.4.1 TeXstudio is a fully featured LaTeX editor. editor main
thin-provisioning-tools 1.0.7 A suite of tools for thin provisioning on Linux hardware.disk main
threadweaver 5.114.0 Multi-threaded programming framework for KDE desktop.kde.framework main
threadweaver-devel 5.114.0 Development files for threadweaver programming.devel main
thunar 4.19.2 Xfce file manager desktop.xfce.base main
thunar-archive-plugin 0.5.2 A plugin allows you to create and extract archive files desktop.xfce.addon main
thunar-devel 4.19.2 Thunar development files programming.devel main
thunar-docs 4.19.2 Thunar reference documents main
thunar-media-tags-plugin 0.3.0 Thunar media tags plugin desktop.xfce.addon main
thunar-sendto-clamtk 0.07 Right-click send-to ClamTk functionality within Thunar. desktop.xfce.addon main
thunar-shares-plugin 0.3.2 Thunar Shares Plugin desktop.xfce.addon main
thunar-vcs-plugin 0.2.0 An SVN integration and GIT integration to Thunar desktop.xfce.addon main
thunar-volman 4.18.0 A extension for the Xfce Thunar File Manager desktop.xfce.base main
thunarx-python 0.5.2 Thunarx Python bindings desktop.xfce.addon main
thunderbird 115.5.1 The Stand-Alone Mozilla Mail Component network.mail main
thunderbird-lang-be 115.5.1 Беларуская мова пакет для Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-ca 115.5.1 Arxiu d'idioma català del Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-da 115.5.1 Dansk sprogpakke til Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-de 115.5.1 Deutsch Sprachdatei für Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-el 115.5.1 Ελληνική γλώσσα pack για τον Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-en-GB 115.5.1 English language pack for Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-en-US 115.5.1 English language pack for Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-es-AR 115.5.1 Paquete de idioma español para Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-es-ES 115.5.1 Paquete de idioma español para Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-fi 115.5.1 Suomen kielen pack for Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-fr 115.5.1 Paquet de langue française pour Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-hr 115.5.1 Hrvatski jezični paket za Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-hu 115.5.1 Magyar nyelvű pack for Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-it 115.5.1 Language Pack italiano per Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-lt 115.5.1 Lietuvių kalbos paketas Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-nl 115.5.1 Nederlands taalpakket voor Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-pl 115.5.1 Polski pakiet językowy dla programu Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-pt-BR 115.5.1 Pacote de idioma português para o Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-pt-PT 115.5.1 Pacote de idioma português para o Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-ro 115.5.1 Pachet de limba română pentru Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-ru 115.5.1 Русский языковый пакет для Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-sr 115.5.1 Паковање српски језик за Фирефок system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-sv-SE 115.5.1 Svenska språkpaket för Thunderbird system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-tr 115.5.1 Thunderbird için Türkçe dil dosyası system.locale main
thunderbird-lang-uk 115.5.1 Український мовний пакет для Thunderbird system.locale main
tidy 20101110 HTML and XML error checking util.misc main
tidy-devel 20101110 Development files for tidy programming.devel main
tiff 4.5.1 Library for manipulation of TIFF (Tag Image File Format) images main
tiff-32bit 4.5.1 32-bit shared libraries for tiff emul32 main
tiff-devel 4.5.1 Developement files for tiff programming.devel main
tiff-docs 4.5.1 Documentation for tiff main
tilda 1.5.4 A Gtk based drop down terminal for Linux and Unix. x11.terminal main
time 1.9 A GNU utility for monitoring a program's use of system resources system.base main
timeshift 24.01.1 Timeshift protects your system by taking incremental snapshots of the file system at regular intervals. These snapshots can be restored at a later date to undo all changes to the system. util.admin main
timeshift 20.11.1 Timeshift protects your system by taking incremental snapshots of the file system at regular intervals. These snapshots can be restored at a later date to undo all changes to the system. util.admin contrib
timezone 2022e Timezone data files and tools system.base main
timezonemap Gtk3 timezone map widget, forked from gnome which forked from Ubiquity desktop.cinnamon main
timezonemap-devel Gtk3 timezone map widget, forked from gnome which forked from Ubiquity programming.devel main
timidity 2.14.0 Software synthesizer and MIDI converter multimedia.sound main
timidity-shompatches 0.409 Sound patches for Timidity (Shom) multimedia.sound.timidity-shompatches main
tini 0.19.0 A tiny but valid `init` for containers. hardware.virtualization main
tinyxml 2.6.2 A simple, small, C++ XML parser programming.misc main
tinyxml-devel 2.6.2 Development files for tinyxml programming.devel main
tinyxml2 7.1.0 Simple XML parser made for easy integration programming.misc main
tinyxml2-devel 7.1.0 Development files for tinyxml2 programming.devel main
tmux 2.8 A terminal multiplexer util.misc main
totem 43.0 Movie player for GNOME desktop.gnome.apps main
totem-devel 43.0 totem için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
totem-pl-parser 3.26.5 Totem playlist parser programming.library main
totem-pl-parser-devel 3.26.5 Development files for totem-pl-aprser programming.devel main
tox-extension-messages 0.0.3 pass main
tox-extension-messages-devel 0.0.3 pass programming.devel main
toxcore-c 0.2.18 This is an experimental cryptographic network library. main
toxcore-c-devel 0.2.18 This is an experimental cryptographic network library. programming.devel main
toxext 0.0.3 An extension library for tox. main
toxext-devel 0.0.3 An extension library for tox. programming.devel main
toxic 0.12.0 A Tox-based instant messaging and video chat client. app main
tpm2-tss 4.0.1 OSS implementation of the TCG TPM2 Software Stack (TSS2) programming.library main
tpm2-tss-devel 4.0.1 Development files for tpm2-tss programming.devel main
traceroute 2.1.1 Utility to trace the route of IP packets network.analyzer main
tracker 3.6.0 Tracker is an efficient search engine and triplestore for desktop, embedded and mobile. desktop.gnome.addons main
tracker-devel 3.6.0 Tracker is an efficient search engine and triplestore for desktop, embedded and mobile. programming.devel main
tracker-miners 3.6.2 Tracker Miners contains the indexer daemon (tracker-miner-fs-3) and tools to extract metadata from many different filetypes. util.misc main
transmission-cli 4.0.2 Transmission's cli tools, web interface and daemon. network.p2p main
transmission-gtk 4.0.2 Transmission's GTK+ interface (default). network.p2p main
transmission-qt 4.0.2 Transmission's Qt interface. network.p2p main
tree 1.7.0 Recursive directory listing tool util.misc main
trietool 0.2.13 An Implementation of Double-Array Trie. programming.library main
tslib 1.22 Dokunmatik Ekran Erişim Kütüphanesi x11.library main
tslib-devel 1.22 Development files for tslib programming.devel main
ttaenc 3.4.1 Lossless audio codec. multimedia.sound main
tumbler 4.19.0 A thumbnail service desktop.xfce.base main
tumbler-devel 4.19.0 Development files for tumbler programming.devel main
tumbler-doc 4.19.0 A thumbnail service main
twolame 0.4.0 An optimised MPEG Audio Layer 2 multimedia.sound main
twolame-devel 0.4.0 Development files for twolame programming.devel main
txt2man 1.5.6 A converter from flat ASCII text to man page format office.misc main