Paketler ( 890 )

İsim Sürüm Açıklama Kategori Depo
p11-kit 0.24.1 Library to work with PKCS#11 modules util.crypt main
p11-kit-32bit 0.24.1 32-bit shared libraries for p11-kit emul32 main
p11-kit-devel 0.24.1 p11-kit için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
p11-kit-docs 0.24.1 Development documents for p11-kit main
p7zip 17.05 Port of 7-Zip archiver for *nix util.archive main
p8-platform This library provides platform specific support for other libraries, and is used by libCEC and binary add-ons for Kodi programming.library main
p8-platform-devel Development files for p8-platform programming.devel main
package-manager PiSi graphical user interface desktop.pisilinux main
packagekit 1.1.5 A system designed to make installation and updates of packages easier. desktop.misc main
packagekit-devel 1.1.5 Development files for packagekit programming.devel main
packagekit-qt5 1.1.1 Qt5 bindings for PackageKit desktop.misc main
packagekit-qt5-devel 1.1.1 Development files for packagekit-qt5 programming.devel main
pam 1.5.3 Modules d'Authentification en Greffon (Pluggable Authentication Modules) system.base main
pam-devel 1.5.3 Development files for pam system.devel main
panda 0.2 PisiLinux Alternative Driver Administration util.admin main
pandoc-bin 3.1.1 Universal markup converter. office.docbook main
pango 1.50.14 Outil de positionnement et de rendu de texte. desktop.toolkit.gtk main
pango-32bit 1.50.14 32-bit shared libraries for pango emul32 main
pango-devel 1.50.14 Development files for pango programming.devel main
pango-docs 1.50.14 Pango reference documents main
pangomm 2.46.2 C++ interface for Pango desktop.toolkit.gtk main
pangomm-devel 2.46.2 Development files for pangomm programming.devel main
pangox-compat 0.0.2 PangoX compatibility library desktop.toolkit.gtk main
pangox-compat-devel 0.0.2 Development files for pangox-compat programming.devel main
paper 2.2 Replacement for Debian's libpaper hardware.printer main
papirus-icon-theme 20200102 Papirus simge teması desktop.lookandfeel main
parley 23.04.2 Parley is a program to help you memorize things. main
parole 4.18.0 A modern simple media player desktop.xfce.addon main
parole-devel 4.18.0 Development files for parole programming.devel main
parted 3.5 Crée, supprime, modifie les dimensions, vérifie et copie partitions et systèmes de fichiers. hardware.disk main
parted-devel 3.5 Development files for parted programming.devel main
partitionmanager 23.04.2 KDE Partition Manager is a utility program to help you manage the disk devices, partitions and file systems on your computer desktop.kde.applications main
patch 2.7.6 Applies patch files system.devel main
patchutils 0.4.2 A small collection of programs that operate on patch files util.misc.patchutils main
PathFinder 1.7.82 Simple file manager written in FOX Toolkit. main
pavucontrol 5.0 PulseAudio Volume Control multimedia.sound main
pavucontrol-qt 1.3.0 Qt port of volume control pavucontrol. desktop.lxqt main
pcb 4.1.2 Printed circuit board editor unknown main
pciutils 3.9.0 Various utilities dealing with the PCI bus system.base main
pciutils-devel 3.9.0 Development files for pciutils system.devel main
pcmanfm 1.3.2 LXDE default file manager. desktop.lxde main
pcmanfm-qt 1.3.0 The LXQt file manager, Qt port of PCManFM desktop.lxqt main
pcmciautils 018 Utilitaires divers concernant le bus PCMCIA. system.base main
pcsc-lite 2.0.0 PC/SC drivers for smart card readers hardware.smartcard main
pcsc-lite 1.8.24 PC/SC drivers for smart card readers unknown contrib
pcsc-lite-devel 2.0.0 Development files for pcsc-lite programming.devel main
pcsc-lite-devel 1.8.24 Development files for pcsc-lite programming.devel contrib
pdal 2.4.3 PDAL is Point Data Abstraction Library. science.gis main
pdal-devel 2.4.3 Development files for pdal programming.devel main
pekwm 0.3.0 Pek X window manager. x11.wm main
Pencil 3.1.0 Sketching and GUI prototyping/wireframing tool development contrib
pencil2d 0.6.6 Easy, intuitive tool to make 2D hand-drawn animations. Graphics contrib
pepperflash Chromium tarayıcısı için Google chrom eklentisi olan Pepper Flash Eklentisi. network.plugin main
perf 5.15.81 Performance analyser tool that makes full use of the Linux performance counter subsystem main
perl 5.32.0 Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Reporting Language system.base main
perl-Alien-Build 2.33 A perl module to build external dependencies for use in CPAN programming.language.perl main
perl-Alien-Libxml2 0.16 Installs the C libxml2 library on your system. programming.language.perl main
perl-AnyEvent 7.17 AnyEvent - provide framework for multiple event loops programming.language.perl main
perl-AnyEvent-I3 0.17 This module connects to the i3 window manager using the UNIX socket based IPC interface it provides. programming.language.perl main
perl-AppConfig 1.71 Perl/CPAN AppConfig module - Read configuration files and parse command line arguments programming.language.perl main
perl-Archive-Zip 1.68 Perl interface to ZIP archive files programming.language.perl main
perl-Authen-SASL 2.16 A Perl SASL interface programming.language.perl main
perl-B-COW 0.007 B::COW additional B helpers to check COW status. programming.language.perl main
perl-Bytes-Random-Secure 0.29 Perl extension to generate cryptographically-secure random bytes. programming.language.perl main
perl-Cairo 1.109 Perl bindings to the cairo graphics library programming.language.perl main
perl-Cairo-Gobject 1.005 Cairo::GObject - Integrate Cairo into the Glib type system. programming.language.perl main
perl-Canary-Stability 2013 CPAN/Canary-Stability - canary to check perl compatability for schmorp's modules programming.language.perl main
perl-Capture-Tiny 0.48 Perl module to capture stdout and stderr from Perl, XS or external programs programming.language.perl main
perl-CGI 4.50 Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses. programming.language.perl main
perl-Class-Method-Modifiers 2.13 Provides Moose-like method modifiers programming.language.perl main
perl-Clone 0.46 Clone - recursively copy Perl datatypes. programming.language.perl main
perl-common-sense 3.75 Implements some sane defaults for Perl programs programming.language.perl main
perl-Config-Tiny 2.24 A module for reading and writing .ini style files with as little code as possible programming.language.perl main
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Guess 0.15 Guess OpenSSL include path. programming.language.perl main
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Random 0.15 OpenSSL/LibreSSL pseudo-random number generator access. programming.language.perl main
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA 0.33 RSA encoding and decoding, using the openSSL libraries. programming.language.perl main
perl-Crypt-PasswdMD5 1.40 Crypt::PasswdMD5 module for perl programming.language.perl main
perl-Crypt-Random-Seed 0.03 Simple method to get strong randomness. programming.language.perl main
perl-Crypt-Random-TESHA2 0.01 Random numbers using timer/schedule entropy. programming.language.perl main
perl-Crypt-SSLeay 0.73_06 Crypt::SSLeay - OpenSSL support for LWP. programming.language.perl main
perl-Cwd-Guard 0.05 Temporary changing working directory (chdir). programming.language.perl main
perl-Data-Dump 1.23 Perl Module for pretty printing of data structures programming.language.perl main
perl-data-munge 0.097 Various utility functions programming.language.perl main
perl-Data-OptList 0.110 Perl module that parses and validates simple name/value option pairs programming.language.perl main
perl-DBI 1.643 Database independent interface for Perl programming.language.perl main
perl-Devel-CheckCompiler 0.07 Check the compiler's availability. programming.language.perl main
perl-Devel-CheckLib 1.16 Devel::CheckLib - check that a library is available. programming.language.perl main
perl-Devel-GlobalDestruction 0.14 Devel::GlobalDestruction - Provides function returning the equivalent of ${^GLOBAL_PHASE} eq 'DESTRUCT' for older perls. programming.language.perl main
perl-Devel-Symdump 2.18 Dump symbol names or the symbol table programming.language.perl main
perl-Digest-HMAC 1.03 Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication programming.language.perl main
perl-Digest-MD5 2.55 Perl interface to the MD5 Algorithm programming.language.perl main
perl-Digest-Nilsimsa 0.06 Perl version of Nilsimsa code. programming.language.perl main
perl-Digest-SHA1 2.13 SHA1 message digest algorithm programming.language.perl main
perl-docs 5.32.0 Documentation files for perl programming.language.perl main
perl-Encode-Locale 1.05 NAME::Encode::Locale - Determine the locale encoding programming.language.perl main
perl-Error 0.17029 Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way programming.language.perl main
perl-Event 1.27 Event loop processing module in Perl programming.language.perl main
perl-ExtUtils-Config 0.008 A wrapper for perl's configuration. programming.language.perl main
perl-ExtUtils-Depends 0.8001 A library for easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions programming.language.perl main
perl-ExtUtils-Helpers 0.026 Various portability utilities for module builders. programming.language.perl main
perl-ExtUtils-InstallPaths 0.012 Build.PL install path logic made easy. programming.language.perl main
perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker 7.46 Perl extension for creating a module Makefile programming.language.perl main
perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig 1.16 A library which converts Perl XS code into C code programming.language.perl main
perl-FFI-CheckLib 0.27 Check that a library is available for FFI programming.language.perl main
perl-File-chdir 0.1011 Perl module for changing directories programming.language.perl main
perl-File-Copy-Recursive-Reduced 0.006 Recursive copying of files and directories within Perl 5 toolchain. programming.language.perl main
perl-File-Listing 6.07 File::Listing - parse directory listing programming.language.perl main
perl-File-Remove 1.61 Remove files and directories. programming.language.perl main
perl-File-Slurp 9999.32 A Perl module that is efficient in reading/writing of Complete Files programming.language.perl main
perl-File-Slurper 0.012 A simple, sane and efficient module to slurp a file programming.language.perl main
perl-File-Which 1.23 Portable Perl implementation of the "which" utility programming.language.perl main
perl-Font-AFM 1.20 A Perl module that is a interface to Adobe Font Metrics files programming.language.perl main
perl-Font-FreeType 0.16 Font::FreeType - read font files and render glyphs from Perl using FreeType2. programming.language.perl main
perl-Font-TTF 1.06 Perl module for TrueType Font hacking programming.language.perl main
perl-Git 2.40.1 Perl interface to GIT programming.language.perl main
perl-Glib 1.3293 Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and Object libraries programming.language.perl main
perl-Glib-Object-Introspection 0.049 Glib::Object::Introspection - Dynamically create Perl language bindings. programming.language.perl main
perl-Gnome2-Wnck 0.18 Perl interface to the Window Navigator Construction Kit. programming.language.perl main
perl-GSSAPI 0.28 Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library programming.language.perl main
perl-Gtk2 1.24993 Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library. programming.language.perl main
perl-Gtk2-AppIndicator 0.15 Perl extension for libappindicator. programming.language.perl main
perl-Gtk2-Notify 0.05 Perl interface to libnotify. programming.language.perl main
perl-Gtk3 0.038 Gtk3 - Perl interface to the 3.x series of the gtk+ toolkit. programming.language.perl main
perl-HTML-Form 6.07 HTML::Form - Class that represents an HTML form element programming.language.perl main
perl-HTML-Format 2.12 A Perl module that format HTML as plaintext, RTF and PostScript programming.language.perl main
perl-HTML-Formatter 2.16 A Perl module that format HTML as plaintext, RTF and PostScript programming.language.perl main
perl-HTML-FormatText-WithLinks 0.15 HTML to text conversion with links as footnotes. programming.language.perl main
perl-HTML-FormatText-WithLinks-AndTables 0.07 Converts HTML to Text with tables in tact. programming.language.perl main
perl-HTML-Parser 3.75 HTML Parser programming.language.perl main
perl-HTML-Scrubber 0.19 Perl extension for scrubbing/sanitizing html programming.language.perl main
perl-HTML-Tagset 3.20 Data tables useful in parsing HTML programming.language.perl main
perl-HTML-Template 2.97 Perl module to use HTML-like templating language programming.language.perl main
perl-HTML-Template-Pro 0.9510 Perl/XS module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts programming.language.perl main
perl-HTML-Tree 5.07 A Perl module that build and scan parse-trees of HTML programming.language.perl main
perl-HTTP-Body 1.22 HTTP Body Parser programming.language.perl main
perl-HTTP-Cookies 6.08 HTTP cookie jars programming.language.perl main
perl-HTTP-Daemon 6.12 A simple http server class programming.language.perl main
perl-HTTP-Date 6.05 HTTP::Date - Provides date conversion routines programming.language.perl main
perl-HTTP-Message 6.26 HTTP::Message - HTTP style message (base class) programming.language.perl main
perl-HTTP-Negotiate 6.01 A complete implementation of the HTTP content negotiation algorithm programming.language.perl main
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple 0.52 Lightweight HTTP Server programming.language.perl main
perl-Image-ExifTool 12.50 A command-line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in image, audio and video files programming.language.perl main
perl-Image-ExifTool-docs 12.50 Documentation of perl-Image-ExifTool main
perl-Import-Into 1.002005 Import::Into - Import packages into other packages. programming.language.perl main
perl-importer 0.026 Alternative but compatible interface to modules that export symbols. programming.language.perl main
perl-IO-HTML 1.004 IO::HTML Opens an HTML file with automatic charset detection programming.language.perl main
perl-IO-Socket-INET6 2.72 Object interface for AF_INET|AF_INET6 domain sockets programming.language.perl main
perl-IO-Socket-IP 0.41 Family-neutral IP socket supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 programming.language.perl main
perl-IO-Socket-SSL 2.074 Nearly transparent SSL encapsulation for IO::Socket::INET programming.language.perl main
perl-IO-String 1.08 IO::File interface for in-core strings in Perl programming.language.perl main
perl-IO-stringy 2.113 I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays programming.language.perl main
perl-IPC-Run3 0.048 Perl module to run a subprocess with input/ouput redirection programming.language.perl main
perl-JSON 4.10 JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) encoder/decoder programming.language.perl main
perl-JSON-XS 4.02 JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast programming.language.perl main
perl-libwww 6.49 Application programming interface to the World-Wide Web programming.language.perl main
perl-Locale-gettext 1.07 A Perl module for accessing the GNU locale utilities system.base main
perl-LWP-Mediatypes 6.04 LWP::MediaTypes can guess media type for a file or a URL programming.language.perl main
perl-LWP-Protocol-https 6.09 LWP::Protocol::https - Provide https support for LWP::UserAgent programming.language.perl main
perl-Mail-AuthenticationResults 2.20230112 Object Oriented Authentication-Results Headers. programming.language.perl main
perl-Mail-DKIM 1.20220520 Signs/verifies Internet mail with DKIM/DomainKey signatures. programming.language.perl main
perl-Mail-SPF 2.9.0 Mail::SPF - An object-oriented implementation of Sender Policy Framework. programming.language.perl main
perl-mailtools 2.21 MailTools - bundle of ancient email modules. programming.language.perl main
perl-Math-Random-ISAAC 1.004 Perl interface to the ISAAC PRNG algorithm. programming.language.perl main
perl-mlt 7.14.0 Perl bindings for MLT programming.language.perl main
perl-Mock-Config 0.03 Mock::Config - temporarily set Config or XSConfig values. programming.language.perl main
perl-Module-Build 0.4229 Build and install Perl modules. programming.language.perl main
perl-Module-Build-Tiny 0.039 A tiny replacement for Module::Build. programming.language.perl main
perl-Module-Build-XSUtil 0.19 A Module::Build class for building XS modules. programming.language.perl main
perl-Module-Install 1.19 Standalone, extensible Perl module installer. programming.language.perl main
perl-module-pluggable 5.2 automatically give your module the ability to have plugins programming.language.perl main
perl-Module-Runtime 0.016 Module::Runtime - runtime module handling programming.language.perl main
perl-Module-ScanDeps 1.31 Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies. programming.language.perl main
perl-Moo 2.004000 Moo - Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatibility) programming.language.perl main
perl-Mozilla-CA 20200520 Mozilla::CA - Mozilla's CA cert bundle in PEM format programming.language.perl main
perl-Net-DBus 1.2.0 Perl extension for the DBus message system programming.language.perl main
perl-Net-DNS 1.27 Perl interface to the DNS resolver programming.language.perl main
perl-Net-DNS-Resolver-Mock 1.20200215 Mock a DNS Resolver object for testing programming.language.perl main
perl-Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable 0.009 programmable DNS resolver class for offline emulation of DNS. programming.language.perl main
perl-NET-HTTP 6.19 Low-level HTTP connection (client) programming.language.perl main
perl-Net-LibIDN2 1.01 Net::LibIDN2 - Perl bindings for GNU Libidn2 programming.language.perl main
perl-Net-Pcap 0.18 Interface to pcap(3) LBL packet capture library programming.language.perl main
perl-Net-RawIP 0.25 Perl extension to manipulate raw IP packets with interface to libpcap programming.language.perl main
perl-Net-SMTP-SSL 1.04 SSL Support for Net::SMTP programming.language.perl main
perl-Net-SSLeay 1.93_01 Net::SSLeay - Perl extension for using OpenSSL programming.language.perl main
perl-NetAddr-IP 4.079 Manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets. programming.language.perl main
perl-NetPacket 1.7.2 assemble/disassemble network packets at the protocol level programming.language.perl main
perl-Pango 1.227 Layout and render international text. programming.language.perl main
perl-Params-Util 1.07 Simple, compact and correct param-checking functions programming.language.perl main
perl-parse-yapp 1.21 Perl/CPAN Module Parse::Yapp : Generates OO LALR parser modules programming.language.perl main
perl-Path-Class 0.37 Cross-platform path specification manipulation for Perl. programming.language.perl main
perl-path-tiny 0.114 File path utility programming.language.perl main
perl-Pod-Coverage 0.23 Checks if the documentation of a module is comprehensive programming.language.perl main
perl-Probe-Perl 0.03 Information about the currently running perl programming.language.perl main
perl-return-multilevel 0.05 Various utility functions programming.language.perl main
perl-Role-Tiny 2.001004 Role::Tiny - Roles: a nouvelle cuisine portion size slice of Moose programming.language.perl main
perl-scope-guard 0.21 Lexically-scoped resource management programming.language.perl main
perl-Socket6 0.29 A getaddrinfo/getnameinfo support module programming.language.perl main
perl-Sort-Versions 1.62 Sort::Versions - a perl 5 module for sorting of revision-like numbers. programming.language.perl main
perl-String-ShellQuote 1.04 Quote strings for passing through the shell programming.language.perl main
perl-Sub-Exporter 0.987 A sophisticated exporter written in Perl for custom-built routines programming.language.perl main
perl-Sub-Exporter-Progressive 0.001013 perl-Sub-Exporter-Progressive is a Sub::Exporter wrapper programming.language.perl main
perl-Sub-Identify 0.14 Perl module to retrieve names of code references programming.language.perl main
perl-sub-info 0.002 Tool for inspecting subroutines. programming.language.perl main
perl-Sub-Install 0.928 Sub::Install - install subroutines into packages easily programming.language.perl main
perl-Sub-Quote 2.006006 Sub::Quote - Efficient generation of subroutines via string eval programming.language.perl main
perl-Sub-Uplevel 0.2800 Module to apparently run a function in a higher stack frame programming.language.perl main
perl-Super 20190531 Control superclass method dispatch. programming.language.perl main
perl-template-toolkit 3.009 Perl template processing system programming.language.perl main
perl-term-table 0.015 Format a header and rows into a table programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-Deep 1.130 A Perl module that gives you lots of flexibility when testing deep structures programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-Exception 0.43 Module for testing exception based codes programming.language.perl main
perl-test-exit 0.097 Test whether code exits without terminating testing. programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-Fatal 0.016 Perl module to test code with exceptions programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-MockModule 0.175.0 Override subroutines in a module for unit testing. programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-Needs 0.002006 Test::Needs - Skip tests when modules not available programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-NoWarnings 1.06 Make sure you didn't emit any warnings while testing. programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-Number-Delta 1.06 Compare the difference between numbers against a given tolerance. programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-Pod 1.52 A perl module to check for errors in POD files programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-Pod-Coverage 1.10 Check for pod coverage in your distribution programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-Requires 0.11 Checks to see if the module can be loaded. programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-RequiresInternet 0.05 Test::RequiresInternet - Easily test network connectivity programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-Script 1.26 Basic cross-platform tests for Perl scripts programming.language.perl main
perl-test-simple 1.302181 Basic utilities for writing tests. programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-Warn 0.36 Perl extension to test methods for warnings programming.language.perl main
perl-Test-Warnings 0.030 Perl module to test for warnings and the lack of them programming.language.perl main
perl-test2-suite 0.000135 Distribution with a rich set of tools built upon the Test2 framework. programming.language.perl main
perl-Text-CSV 2.01 Perl Module as a comma-separated values manipulator programming.language.perl main
perl-Text-Iconv 1.7 A Perl interface to the iconv() codeset conversion function. programming.language.perl main
perl-Text-ParseWords 3.30 Text::ParseWords - parse text into an array of tokens or array of arrays programming.language.perl main
perl-timedate 2.33 time and date parsing and formatting perl library. programming.language.perl main
perl-Try-Tiny 0.30 Perl module to implement minimal try/catch programming.language.perl main
perl-Types-Serialiser 1.0 This module provides some extra datatypes that are used by common serialisation formats such as JSON or CBOR. programming.language.perl main
perl-Unicode-Map8 0.13 Convert between most 8bit encodings. programming.language.perl main
perl-Unicode-String 2.10 String manipulation for Unicode strings programming.language.perl main
perl-URI 5.05 Perl module for Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relative) programming.language.perl main
perl-WWW-Robotrules 6.02 database of robots.txt-derived permissions programming.language.perl main
perl-XML-Filter-BufferText 1.01 Filter to put all characters() in one event programming.language.perl main
perl-XML-LibXML 2.0206 Perl Binding for libxml2 programming.language.perl main
perl-XML-NamespaceSupport 1.12 A Perl module that offers a simple to process namespaced XML names programming.language.perl main
perl-XML-Parser 2.46 A Perl extension interface to James Clark's XML parser, expat system.devel main
perl-XML-SAX 1.02 Perl module for using and building Perl SAX2 XML parsers, filters, and drivers programming.language.perl main
Perl-XML-SAX-BASE 1.09 Base class SAX Drivers and Filters programming.language.perl main
perl-XML-SAX-Base 1.09 Base class SAX Drivers and Filters programming.language.perl main
perl-XML-SAX-Writer 0.57 SAX2 Writer programming.language.perl main
perl-XML-Simple 2.25 XML::Simple Perl module programming.language.perl main
perl-XML-Twig 3.52 A perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode. programming.language.perl main
perl-YAML-LibYAML 0.86 Perl Binding to libyaml. programming.language.perl main
perl-YAML-Tiny 1.73 Read/Write YAML files with as little code as possible. programming.language.perl main
PerlMagick 1.3.37 GraphicsMagick perl bindings main
persepolis 3.2.0 Qt front-end for aria2 download manager main
pgadmin3 1.22.2 Graphical client for PostgreSQL util.admin main
pgadmin4 4.19 Comprehensive design and management interface for PostgreSQL util.admin main
pgadmin4-docs 4.19 Documentation files for pgadmin4 main
pgModeler 0.9.1 PostgreSQL Database Modeler util.admin main
phodav 3.0 WebDav server implementation using libsoup (RFC 4918) server.misc main
phodav-devel 3.0 Development files for phodav programming.devel main
php-cli 7.4.33 PHP7 is an HTML-embedded scripting language. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly programming.language.php main
php-common 7.4.33 Common config files for PHP programming.language.php main
php-devel 7.4.33 Development files for PHP programming.devel main
php-fpm 7.4.33 FPM for PHP programming.language.php main
php-imap 7.4.33 Module for PHP to enable IMAP support programming.language.php main
php-pear 7.4.33 Development files for PHP programming.language.php main
php-zip 7.4.33 Zip extension for PHP programming.language.php main
phpldapadmin phpLDAPadmin (also known as PLA) is a web-based LDAP client util.admin main
phpmyadmin 5.1.1 Browser based MySQL Admin Tool util.admin main
phpstorm 2021.2.3 PHPStorm - an IDE for the PHP Language development contrib
physfs 3.0.1 Filesystem library programming.misc main
physfs-devel 3.0.1 Development files for physfs programming.devel main
picard 2.3.2 MusicBrainz Picard is the official MusicBrainz tagger. multimedia.editor main
picmi 23.04.2 Picmi is a single player logic-based puzzle game main
picom 10.2 A compositor for X11. desktop.misc main
pidgin 2.13.0 Instant messaging application previously known as gaim main
pidgin-devel 2.13.0 Development files of pidgin programming.devel main
piksemel 1.3.1 Python binding for iksemel system.base main
pim-data-exporter 23.04.2 Import and export KDE PIM settings desktop.kde.applications main
pim-sieve-editor 23.04.2 Mail sieve editor desktop.kde.applications main
pim-storage-service-manager 16.12.0 KDE PIM storage services configuration UI desktop.kde.applications main
pimcommon 23.04.2 Common libraries for KDE PIM desktop.kde.applications main
pimcommon-devel 23.04.2 Development package for pimcommon libraries programming.devel main
pinentry 1.2.1 Collection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs which utilize the Assuan protocol util.crypt main
pinentry-curses 1.2.1 Collection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs which utilize the Assuan protocol util.crypt main
pinentry-gnome3 1.2.1 Collection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs which utilize the Assuan protocol util.crypt main
pinentry-gtk 1.1.0 pinentry for GTK toolkit util.crypt main
pinentry-qt 1.2.1 Qt4 ile yazılmış pinentry arayüzü util.crypt main
pinentry-tty 1.2.1 Collection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs which utilize the Assuan protocol util.crypt main
pip 20.1 The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages programming.language.python main
pip3 22.1.2 The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages programming.language.python3 main
pipewire 0.3.65 Server and user space API to deal with multimedia pipelines multimedia.editor main
pipewire-0.2 0.2.7 Server and user space API to deal with multimedia pipelines, 0.2.x series multimedia.editor main
pipewire-0.2-devel 0.2.7 Development files for pipewire-0.2 programming.devel main
pipewire-devel 0.3.65 Development files for pipewire programming.devel main
pipewire-docs 0.3.65 Development files for pipewire main
pisi 2.7.2 PISI is the package management system of Pisi Linux system.base main
pisi-appstream-data 20210710 Appstream data for Pisi GNU/Linux desktop.misc main
pisi-lightdm-greeter 0.97.5 Qt5 greeter for LightDM desktop.misc main
pisi-timedate 1.2.0 timedated1 interface implementation for Pisi Linux (or any other non-systemd distributions) programming.library main
pisido 2.3.7 A pisi packager with GUI util.admin main
pisilinux-desktop-services 2.1.2 Pisi Linux Desktop Services desktop.pisilinux main
pisilinux-dev-tools 0.0.2 A collection of useful tools that Pisi Linux developers use to make their developing work a lot easier util.admin main
pisilinux-gnome40-backgrounds 1.0.0 Default wallpaper set for Pisi Linux GNOME40. desktop.gnome.lookandfeel main
pisilinux-gtk 0.1 pisilinux-gtk desktop.lookandfeel main
pisilinux-python 0.4.8 Python modules for Pisi Linux system.base main
pisilinux-python-xorg 0.4.8 Python modules for Pisi Linux x11.library main
pisilinux-splash 0.1 pisilinux splash desktop.lookandfeel main
pisilinux-theme-damadamas 0.7 PisiLinux için görsel çalışmaları. desktop.lookandfeel main
pisilinux-theme-maia 0.3 PisiLinux için görsel çalışmaları. desktop.lookandfeel main
pisilinux-welcome 1.7 Pisi Linux Welcome Application desktop.pisilinux main
pisiplayer 0.9 Video Player desktop.pisilinux main
pisiyap 0.7b A Simple PiSi source file creator util.admin main
pixman 0.42.2 Pixel manipulation library x11.library main
pixman-32bit 0.42.2 32-bit shared libraries for pixman _emul32 main
pixman-devel 0.42.2 Development files for pixman programming.devel main
pkgconfig 0.29.2 Package Config system that manages compile/link flags for libraries system.devel main
plank 20210715 An elementary fork of Plank, the stupidly-simple dock. util.dock main
plank-devel 20210715 Development files for plank programming.devel main
plank-player 5.27.6 Multimedia Player for playing local files on Plasma Bigscreen allowing navigation with just a remote control desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-applet-distrowatcher 1.1 Distrowatcher watch the latest Realeases of Linux distributions from Distrowatch desktop.kde.addon main
plasma-applet-resources-monitor 1.0.6 Plasma 5 plasmoid for monitoring CPU, frequency, RAM and swap activity. desktop.kde.addon main
plasma-applet-rssnow 1.0 Show news from various sources desktop.kde.addon main
plasma-applet-system-panel 1.3 Plasma5 applet that displays a panel with a set of system actions desktop.kde.addon main
plasma-applet-thermal-monitor 1.2.9 Plasma 5 applet for monitoring CPU, GPU and other available temperature sensors. desktop.kde.addon main
plasma-applet-weather-widget 1.6.7 Plasmoid for showing weather information from and Open Weather Map servers. desktop.kde.addon main
plasma-bigscreen 5.27.6 Plasma shell for TVs desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-browser-integration 5.27.6 Plasma browser integration desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-desktop 5.27.6 KDE5 plasma workspace desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-firewall 5.27.6 Control Panel for your system firewall desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-framework 5.107.0 Plasma library and runtime components based upon KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt5 desktop.kde.framework main
plasma-framework-devel 5.107.0 Development files for plasma-framework programming.devel main
plasma-integration 5.27.6 KDE5 Plasma artwork desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-integration-devel 5.27.6 Development files for plasma-integration programming.devel main
plasma-nm 5.27.6 Plasma applet written in QML for managing network connections desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-pa 5.27.6 Plasma applet for audio volume management using PulseAudio. desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-remotecontrollers 5.27.6 Translate various input device events into keyboard and pointer events desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-sdk 5.27.6 Applications useful for Plasma development desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-systemmonitor 5.27.6 An interface for monitoring system sensors, process information and other system resources desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-vault 5.27.6 Plasma applet and services for creating encrypted vaults util.crypt main
plasma-wayland-protocols 1.10.0 Plasma Specific Protocols for Wayland desktop.kde.framework main
plasma-welcome 5.27.6 A friendly onboarding wizard for Plasma desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-workspace 5.27.6 The KDE5 Plasma Workspace Components desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-workspace-devel 5.27.6 Development files for kde5 plasma-workspace programming.devel main
plasma-workspace-wallpapers 5.27.6 The KDE Plasma Workspace Components desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-workspace-wallpapers-pisilinux 5.27.6 The KDE Plasma Workspace Components desktop.kde.plasma main
plasma-workspace-wayland 5.27.6 Wayland support for Plasma desktop.kde.plasma main
playonlinux 4.3.4 Tool to help Linux users run Windows games on linux hardware.emulator main
plex-media-server Plex media server: Bilgisayardaki media dosyalarını televizyondan izlemeye yarar. unknown contrib
plib 1.8.5 Plib game library game.misc main
plib-devel 1.8.5 Development files for plib programming.devel main
plotutils 2.6 2D vector graphics library science.mathematics main
plotutils-devel 2.6 Development files for plotutils programming.devel main
pluma 1.27.0 Mate metin editörü desktop.mate main
pluma-devel 1.27.0 pluma için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
pluma-gtk-doc 1.27.0 pluma-gtk-doc için dosyalar main
plymouth 22.02.122 Graphical Boot Animation and Logger system.boot main
plymouth-core-libs 22.02.122 Plymouth core libraries system.boot main
plymouth-devel 22.02.122 Development headers and files for plymouth programming.devel main
plymouth-graphics-libs 22.02.122 Plymouth graphics libraries system.boot main
plymouth-kcm 5.27.6 KCM to manage the Plymouth (Boot) theme desktop.kde.plasma main
plymouth-plugin-fade-throbber 22.02.122 Plymouth Fade-Throbber plugin system.boot main
plymouth-plugin-label 22.02.122 Plymouth label plugin system.boot main
plymouth-plugin-script 22.02.122 Plymouth script plugin system.boot main
plymouth-plugin-space-flares 22.02.122 Plymouth space-flares plugin system.boot main
plymouth-plugin-two-step 22.02.122 Plymouth Two-Step plugin system.boot main
plymouth-renderer-x11 22.02.122 An X11 renderer for debugging purposes system.boot main
plymouth-theme-charge 22.02.122 Plymouth Charge plugin system.boot main
plymouth-theme-fade-in 22.02.122 Fade-in theme for Plymouth system.boot main
plymouth-theme-pisilinux 22.02.122 Plymouth Pisi Linux theme system.boot main
plymouth-theme-script 22.02.122 Plymouth Script theme system.boot main
plymouth-theme-solar 22.02.122 Plymouth Solar theme system.boot main
plymouth-theme-spinfinity 22.02.122 Plymouth Spinfinity theme system.boot main
plymouth-theme-spinner 22.02.122 Spinner theme for Plymouth system.boot main
plyvel 1.4.0 Plyvel, a fast and feature-rich Python interface to LevelDB. system.base main
pm-utils 1.4.1 A toolset to suspend and hibernate computers hardware.powermanagement main
pnm2ppa 1.13 Driver addons for some Hp Deskjet printers hardware.printer main
pocketsphinx 5.0.0 A small speech recognizer multimedia.sound main
pocketsphinx-devel 5.0.0 Development files for pocketsphinx programming.devel main
podofo 0.9.8 A library to work with the PDF file format office.misc main
podofo-devel 0.9.8 Development files for podofo programming.devel main
poedit 3.2.2 A cross-platform translation editor. editor main
pogo 1.0.1 Probably the simplest and fastest audio player for Linux. multimedia.sound main
polari 42.1 Internet Relay Chat client for GNOME desktop.gnome.apps main
polkit 0.121 PolicyKit Authorization Framework system.base main
polkit-devel 0.121 Development headers for polkit system.devel main
polkit-gnome 105 Authentication agent for polkit desktop.gnome.base main
polkit-kde-authentication-agent-1 5.27.6 The KDE Plasma Workspace Components desktop.kde.plasma main
polkit-qt 0.114.0 A library that allows developers to access PolicyKit API with a nice Qt-style API desktop.toolkit.qt5 main
polkit-qt-devel 0.114.0 A library that allows developers to access PolicyKit API with a nice Qt-style API programming.devel main
polo 18.8 Polo is a modern, light-weight file manager for Linux with support for multiple panes and tabs; support for archives, and much more. util.admin main
polybar 3.4.2 A fast and easy to use tool for creating status bars x11.misc main
poppler 23.04.0 PDF rendering library office.postscript main
poppler-32bit 23.04.0 32-bit shared libraries for poppler emul32 main
poppler-cpp 23.04.0 Pure C++ wrapper for poppler office.postscript main
poppler-cpp-devel 23.04.0 Development files for poppler-cpp programming.devel main
poppler-data 0.4.12 Poppler encoding files office.postscript main
poppler-devel 23.04.0 Development files for poppler programming.devel main
poppler-glib 23.04.0 Glib wrapper for poppler office.postscript main
poppler-glib-32bit 23.04.0 32-bit shared libraries for poppler-glib emul32 main
poppler-glib-devel 23.04.0 Development files for poppler-glib programming.devel main
poppler-qt5 23.04.0 Qt wrapper for poppler office.postscript main
poppler-qt5-devel 23.04.0 Development files for poppler-qt programming.devel main
poppler-utils 23.04.0 Command line utilities for converting PDF files office.postscript main
popt 1.19 Popt command line option parser system.base main
popt-devel 1.19 Development files for popt system.devel main
portaudio 190700.20210406 Portable audio library multimedia.sound main
portaudio-devel 190700.20210406 Development files for portaudio programming.devel main
portmidi 217 Real-time MIDI I/O library multimedia.sound main
portmidi-devel 217 Development files for portmidi programming.devel main
postfix 3.7.4 A fast and secure drop-in replacement for sendmail server main
postfix-docs 3.7.4 Help files for postfix package main
postgis 3.0.2 Adds support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL science.gis main
postgresql-doc 15.3 Postgresql documents main
postgresql-lib 15.3 Essential shared libraries for any PostgreSQL client program or interface server.database main
postgresql-pl 15.3 A powerful, open source relational database system server.database main
postgresql-server 15.3 A powerful, open source relational database system server.database main
potrace 1.16 Transforming bitmaps into vector graphics. main
powerdevil 5.27.6 KDE power manager module desktop.kde.plasma main
powertop 2.14 Power consumption monitor hardware.powermanagement main
poxml 23.04.2 Tools for translating DocBook XML files with Gettex desktop.kde.sdk main
ppp 2.4.9 Point-to-point protocol - patched for PPPOE network.connection main
ppp-devel 2.4.9 Development files for ppp programming.devel main
primus 2016.05.02 Minimalistic and efficient OpenGL offloading for Bumblebee x11.misc main
primus-32bit 2016.05.02 Minimalistic and efficient OpenGL offloading for Bumblebee x11.misc main
PrinceofPersia 1.23 Retro Platform Game Game contrib
print-manager 23.04.2 KDE print manager desktop.kde.utils main
prison 5.107.0 A barcode API to produce QRCode barcodes and DataMatrix barcode desktop.kde.framework main
prison-devel 5.107.0 Development files for libepoxy programming.devel main
procps 3.3.17 Standard informational utilities and process-handling tools system.base main
proj 7.1.1 Cartographic Projections library science.gis main
proj-devel 7.1.1 Development files for proj programming.devel main
ProjectLibre 1.9.1 Open source Project Management Tool office contrib
protobuf 3.21.12 Google's data interchange format network.misc main
protobuf-c 1.4.1 Protocol Buffers implementation in C network.misc main
protobuf-c-devel 1.4.1 Development files for protobuf-c programming.devel main
protobuf-devel 3.21.12 Development files for protobuf programming.devel main
proxychains-ng 4.16 A hook preloader that allows to redirect TCP traffic of existing dynamically linked programs through one or more SOCKS or HTTP proxies network.misc main
prozilla 2.0.5 Console based download accelerator. main
psmisc 23.3 A set of tools that use the proc filesystem system.base main
pspp 1.6.2 GNU PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data science.mathematics main
pspp-docs 1.6.2 Documents for PSPP main
pstoedit 3.73 Translates PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats office.misc main
pstoedit-devel 3.73 Development files for pstoedit programming.devel main
psutils 2.09 Utilities for manipulating PostScript documents hardware.printer main
puddletag 2.2.0 Puddletag is an audio tag editor (primarily created) for GNU/Linux. multimedia.editor main
pugixml 1.11.4 Light-weight, simple and fast XML parser for C++ with XPath support util.misc main
pugixml-devel 1.11.4 Development header for pugixml programming.devel main
pulseaudio 16.1 A networked sound server with an advanced plugin system multimedia.sound main
pulseaudio-docs 16.1 doxygen generated API documentation for PulseAudio main
pulseaudio-libs 16.1 Libraries for PulseAudio clients multimedia.sound main
pulseaudio-libs-32bit 16.1 32-bit shared libraries for pulseaudio-libs emul32 main
pulseaudio-libs-devel 16.1 Development files for pulseaudio-libs programming.devel main
pulseaudio-qt 1.3 Libpulse için Qt bağları multimedia.sound main
pulseaudio-qt-devel 1.3 Development files for pulseaudio-qt programming.devel main
purpose 5.107.0 Framework for providing abstractions to get the developer's purposes fulfilled desktop.kde.framework main
purpose-devel 5.107.0 Development files for purpose programming.devel main
putty 0.77 A terminal integrated SSH/Telnet client network.misc main
py3game 2.0.1 Python3 game library programming.language.python3 main
py3game-devel 2.0.1 Development files for python3 game library programming.devel main
py3game-doc 2.0.1 Documentation files for python3 game library main
py3parted 3.12.0 Python3 bindings for parted programming.language.python3 main
pybind11 2.10.3 Seamless operability between C++11 and Python multimedia.misc main
pycharm-community 2022.1 Powerful Python and Django IDE. Community edition. programming contrib
pycurl 7.45.2 Python cURL Module system.base main
pygame 1.9.6 Python game library programming.language.python main
pygame-devel 1.9.6 Development files for python game library programming.devel main
pygame-doc 1.9.6 Documentation files for python game library main
pymacs 0.25 Interface between Emacs Lisp and Python editor.emacs main
pyparted 3.11.4 Python bindings for parted programming.language.python main
pypolkit 1.0.2 Python binding of PolicyKit system.base main
pyqt-builder 1.15.1 PyQt build system programming.language.python3 main
pyqtermwidget5 1.1.0 Python binding of terminal widget for Qt programming.language.python main
pyside2 5.15.7 Shiboken2 is the binding generator used to create the PySide2 bindings. programming.language.python3 main
pyside2-devel 5.15.7 Development headers for the shiboken2 library. programming.devel main
pystring 1.1.3 Pystring is a collection of C++ functions which match the interface and behavior of python programming.library main
pystring-devel 1.1.3 Development files for pystring programming.devel main
python 2.7.18 An interpreted, interactive, object-orientated programming language system.base main
python-anytree 2.8.0 Powerful and Lightweight Python Tree Data Structure programming.language.python main
python-argparse 1.4.0 Python command-line parsing library programming.language.python main
python-attrs 20.2.0 Python Classes Without Boilerplate programming.language.python main
python-audit 3.1.1 Python bindings for audit system.base main
python-Babel 2.8.0 A collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications programming.language.python main
python-backports 1.0 Namespace for backported Python features programming.language.python main
python-backports-ssl-match-hostname The ssl.match_hostname() function from Python 3.4 programming.language.python main
python-bcrypt 3.1.7 Modern(-ish) password hashing for your software and your servers programming.language.python main
python-beaker 1.11.0 A Session and Caching library with WSGI Middleware programming.language.python main
python-blinker 1.4 A fast Python in-process signal/event dispatching system. programming.language.python main
python-cairo 1.18.2 Python wrapper for cairo graphics library programming.language.python main
python-cairo-devel 1.18.2 Development files for python-cairo programming.devel main
python-caja 1.27.0 Python binding for Mate CAJA desktop.mate main
python-certifi 2020.6.20 Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle programming.language.python main
python-cffi 1.14.0 Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code programming.language.python main
python-chardet 3.0.4 Chardet: The Universal Character Encoding Detector programming.language.python main
python-click 7.1.2 Python composable command line interface toolkit programming.language.python3 main
python-colorama 0.4.3 Cross-platform colored terminal text. programming.language.python main
python-configobj 5.0.6 Simple config file reader and writer programming.language.python3 main
python-configparser 5.0.0 Backport of configparser from Python 3 programming.language.python main
python-contextlib2 0.6.0 contextlib2 is a backport of the standard library's contextlib module to earlier Python versions. programming.language.python main
python-cryptography 3.1 Cryptographic recipes for Python programming.language.python main
python-cups 1.9.74 Python interface to the CUPS API programming.language.python main
python-dateutil 2.8.1 python-dateutil provides powerful extensions to datetime programming.language.python main
python-decorator 4.4.2 Python module to simplify the usage of decorators programming.language.python main
python-devel 2.7.18 Development files for python system.devel main
python-discid 1.2.0 Python Classes Without Boilerplate programming.language.python3 main
python-docker 4.10 A Python library for the Docker Engine API. programming.language.python main
python-docker-py 2.0.2 Python client for Docker. programming.language.python main
python-docopt 0.6.2 Pythonic argument parser, that will make you smile programming.language.python3 main
python-docutils 0.19 Docutils module for python office.misc main
python-ecdsa 0.15 ECDSA module for python programming.language.python main
python-editor 1.0.4 Programmatically open an editor, capture the result. programming.language.python main
python-enchant 2.0.0 Python bindings for the Enchant spellchecking system programming.language.python main
python-enum34 1.1.10 The enum module from Python3.4 backported from 3.3 - 2.4 programming.language.python main
python-gdal 3.1.3 gdal python bindings science.gis main
python-gtk 2.24.0 GTK+ bindings for Python programming.language.python main
python-gtk-demo 2.24.0 Demo applications for python-gtk programming.language.python main
python-gtk-devel 2.24.0 Development files for python-gtk programming.devel main
python-gtk-docs 2.24.0 Reference documents for python-gtk main
python-h11 0.9.0 A pure-Python, bring-your-own-I/O implementation of HTTP/1.1 programming.language.python main
python-h2 4.0.0 HTTP/2 State-Machine based protocol implementation programming.language.python main
python-hpack 4.0.0 HTTP/2 Header Encoding for Python. programming.language.python main
python-hyperframe 6.0.0 Pure-Python HTTP/2 framing programming.language.python main
python-idna 2.9 Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) programming.language.python main
python-imagesize 1.2.0 Getting image size from png/jpeg/jpeg2000/gif file. programming.language.python main
python-imaging 1.1.7 Python Imaging Library (PIL) programming.language.python main
python-importlib_metadata 2.0.0 Python development support library (note: maintenance only) programming.language.python main
python-importlib_resources 1.5.0 Design and implementation for a planned importlib.resources programming.language.python main
python-ipaddress 1.0.23 ipaddress module for python programming.language.python main
python-itsdangerous 1.1.0 Safely pass trusted data to untrusted environments and back. programming.language.python main
python-Jinja2 2.11.2 A small but fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine written in pure python programming.language.python main
python-Jinja2-docs 2.11.2 Documentation files for python-Jinja2 main
python-jsonpatch 1.32 An implementation of the JSON Patch format programming.language.python3 main
python-jsonschema 3.2.0 An implementation of JSON Schema validation for Python programming.language.python3 main
python-keyutils 0.6 A set of python bindings for keyutils programming.language.python3 main
python-libcap-ng 0.8.3 Python bindings for libcap-ng programming.language.python main
python-libftdi 1.4 Python bindings for libftdi hardware.misc main
python-libgpod 0.8.3 Python bindings for libgpod programming.language.python main
python-libieee1284 0.2.11 Python bindings for libieee1284 hardware.misc main
python-lxml 4.5.1 lxml is the most feature-rich and easy-to-use library programming.language.python main
python-lxml-docs 4.5.1 API documentation of python-lxml main
python-mako 1.1.2 A python templating language programming.language.python main
python-mako-docs 1.1.2 Documentation files for python-mako main
python-MarkupSafe 1.1.1 Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python programming.language.python main
python-mlt 7.14.0 Python bindings for MLT programming.language.python main
python-mlt6 6.26.1 Python bindings for MLT programming.language.python main
python-mutagen 1.43.0 An audio tag editing library programming.language.python main
python-netifaces 0.11.0 Portable module to access network interface information in Python programming.language.python3 main
python-nose 1.3.7 A unittest extension offering automatic test suite discovery and easy test authoring programming.language.python main
python-numpy 1.16.6 The fundamental package needed for scientific computing with Python programming.language.python main
python-numpy-docs 1.16.6 Documentation files for python-numpy main
python-oauthlib 3.1.1 A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic programming.language.python3 main
python-packaging 20.4 Core utilities for Python packages programming.language.python main
python-path-py 11.5.2 A module wrapper for os.path. programming.language.python main
python-pathlib2 2.3.5 Fork of pathlib aiming to support the full stdlib Python API. programming.language.python main
python-pbr 5.4.5 Python Build Reasonableness programming.language.python main
python-pillow 6.2.2 The friendly PIL fork (Python Imaging Library) programming.language.python main
python-pillow-devel 6.2.2 Development files for python-pillow programming.devel main
python-pluggy 0.13.1 A minimalist production ready plugin system programming.language.python main
python-pocketsphinx 0.1.17 Pocketsphinx is a part of the CMU Sphinx Open Source Toolkit For Speech Recognition. programming.language.python3 main
python-portmidi 217 Python bindings for portmidi programming.language.python main
python-protobuf 3.21.12 Python 2 bindings for Google Protocol Buffers network.misc main
python-psutil 5.7.2 A cross-platform process utilities module for Python system.base main
python-py3c 1.3.1 py3c helps you port C extensions to Python 3 programming.language.python3 main
python-py3c-devel 1.3.1 Development files for python-py3c programming.devel main
python-pyalsaaudio 0.9.2 This package contains wrappers for accessing the ALSA API from Python. programming.language.python3 main
python-pyaspects 0.4.4 Aspect-Oriented development for Python programming.language.python main
python-pyatspi 2.38.2 Python bindings for at-spi2-core programming.language.python main
python-pyblock 0.53 Python modules for dealing with block devices programming.language.python main
python-pycparser 2.20 Complete C99 parser in pure Python programming.language.python main
python-pycryptsetup 1.7.5 Python backend for cryptsetup programming.language.python main
python-Pygments 2.5.2 A syntax highlighting package written in Python programming.language.python main
python-Pygments-docs 2.5.2 Documentation files for python-Pygments main
python-pygobject 2.28.7 Bindings (liens) glib pour Python. programming.language.python main
python-pygobject-devel 2.28.7 pygobject development files programming.devel main
python-pygobject-docs 2.28.7 API documents for pygobject main
python-pygobject3 3.36.1 Python Bindings for GLib/GObject/GIO/GTK+ programming.language.python main
python-pygobject3-devel 3.36.1 Development files for python3-pygobject3 programming.devel main
python-pyliblzma 0.5.3 Python bindings for lzma system.base main
python-pynacl 1.3.0 PyNaCl module for python programming.language.python main
python-pyqt5-sip 4.19.25 Python 2.x pyqt5 SIP bindings for C and C++ libraries programming.language.python main
python-pytz 2020.1 World Timezone Definitions for Python programming.language.python main
python-PyYAML 5.3 The next generation YAML parser and emitter for Python programming.language.python main
python-pyzmq 19.0.1 PyZMQ: Python bindings for zeromq programming.language.python main
python-qt5 5.15.9 A set of Python 2.x bindings for the Qt 5.x Toolkit programming.language.python main
python-qt5-devel 5.15.9 Development files for python-qt5 programming.devel main
python-reportlab 3.5.67 PDF generator library programming.language.python main
python-reportlab-docs 3.5.67 PDF generator library main
python-requests 2.24.0 Requests is an Apache2 Licensed HTTP library, written in Python, for human beings. programming.language.python main
python-rfc3986 1.4.0 Validating URI References per RFC 3986. programming.language.python main
python-scandir 1.10.0 Better directory iterator and faster os.walk(), now in the Python 3.5 stdlib. programming.language.python main
python-setproctitle 1.2.2 Allows a python process to change its process title programming.language.python3 main
python-setuptools 44.1.1 Python setuptools system.devel main
python-setuptools-scm 3.5.0 Python setuptools-scm module programming.language.python main
python-singledispatch This library is a backport of functools.singledispatch to Python 2.6 - 3.3. programming.language.python main
python-sip 4.19.25 Python 2.x SIP bindings for C and C++ libraries programming.language.python main
python-six 1.15.0 Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities. system.base main
python-smbc 1.0.22 Python interface to the libsmbclient library programming.language.python main
python-snowballstemmer 2.0.0 Snowball stemming library collection for Python programming.language.python main
python-sphinx 1.6.5 Python documentation generator. It can generate HTML or Latex outputs programming.language.python main
python-sphinx-alabaster-theme 0.7.12 Sphinx default theme. programming.language.python main
python-sphinx-docs 1.6.5 Documentation files for python-sphinx main
python-sphinxcontrib-websupport 1.2.2 sphinxcontrib-websupport module for python programming.language.python main
python-toml 0.10.1 Python lib for parsing TOML programming.language.python main
python-tqdm 4.46.0 A Fast, Extensible Progress Bar for Python and CLI. programming.language.python main
python-typing Backport of the standard library typing module programming.language.python main
python-typing_extensions 4.5.0 Console user interface library for Python programming.language.python3 main
python-udev 0.22 Python bindings for libudev library programming.language.python main
python-Unidecode 1.1.1 US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text programming.language.python main
python-urllib3 1.25.9 urllib3 is a powerful, sanity-friendly HTTP client for Python. programming.language.python main
python-urwid 2.1.2 Console user interface library for Python programming.language.python3 main
python-websocket-client 0.57.0 WebSocket client library for Python programming.language.python main
python-werkzeug 1.0.1 The comprehensive WSGI web application library programming.language.python main
python-wheel 0.35.1 The official binary distribution format for Python. programming.language.python main
python-zipp 3.0.0 A pathlib-compatible Zipfile object wrapper. programming.language.python main
python3 3.9.17 Next generation of the python high-level scripting language programming.language main
python3-aiml 0.9.3 aiml implements an interpreter for AIML programming.language.python3 main
python3-aiofiles 0.7.0 File support for asyncio. programming.language.python3 main
python3-alembic 1.7.4 A database migration tool for SQLAlchemy. programming.language.python3 main
python3-anytree 2.8.0 Powerful and Lightweight Python Tree Data Structure programming.language.python3 main
python3-appdirs 1.4.4 A small Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs, e.g. a "user data dir". programming.language.python3 main
python3-argparse 1.4.0 Python command-line parsing library programming.language.python3 main
python3-astroid 2.8.2 Useful miscellaneous modules used by Logilab projects. programming.language.python3 main
python3-atomicwrites 1.4.0 Powerful Python library for atomic file writes. programming.language.python3 main
python3-attrs 21.2.0 Python Classes Without Boilerplate programming.language.python3 main
python3-Babel 2.9.1 A collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications programming.language.python3 main
python3-backports-ssl-match-hostname The ssl.match_hostname() function from Python 3.7 programming.language.python3 main
python3-backports.functools_lru_cache 1.6.4 Backport of functools.lru_cache from Python 3.3 programming.language.python3 main
python3-bcrypt 3.2.0 Modern(-ish) password hashing for your software and your servers programming.language.python3 main
python3-beaker 1.11.0 A Session and Caching library with WSGI Middleware programming.language.python3 main
python3-beautifulsoup4 4.10.0 HTML/XML parser for quick-turnaround applications like screen-scraping programming.language.python3 main
python3-blinker 1.4 A fast Python in-process signal/event dispatching system. programming.language.python3 main
python3-breathe 4.31.0 ReStructuredText and Sphinx bridge to Doxygen. programming.language.python3 main
python3-brotli 1.0.9 Python bindings for brotli compression format. programming.language.python3 main
python3-bs4 0.0.1 This is a dummy package managed by the developer of Beautiful Soup to prevent name squatting. programming.language.python3 main
python3-build 0.8.0 A simple, correct PEP517 package builder programming.language.python3 main
python3-cairo 1.24.0 Python3 wrapper for cairo graphics library programming.language.python3 main
python3-cairo-devel 1.24.0 Development files for python3-cairo programming.devel main
python3-cairocffi 1.3.0 cairocffi is a CFFI-based drop-in replacement for Pycairo, a set of Python bindings and object-oriented API for cairo. programming.language.python3 main
python3-cairosvg 2.5.2 SVG converter based on Cairo. It can export SVG files to PDF, PostScript and PNG files programming.language.python3 main
python3-certifi 2021.5.30 certifi module for python3 programming.language.python3 main
python3-cffi 1.15.1 Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code programming.language.python3 main
python3-chardet 4.0.0 Chardet: The Universal Character Encoding Detector programming.language.python3 main
python3-charset-normalizer 2.0.4 Like Chardet. Package for encoding language detection. Charset detection programming.language.python3 main
python3-click 8.1.3 Python3 composable command line interface toolkit programming.language.python3 main
python3-colorama 0.4.4 Cross-platform colored terminal text. programming.language.python3 main
python3-coloredlogs 15.0.1 Colored terminal output for Python’s logging module. programming.language.python3 main
python3-commonmark 0.9.1 Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec programming.language.python3 main
python3-configobj 5.0.6 An ini file round tripper. programming.language.python3 main
python3-contextlib2 0.6.0 contextlib2 is a backport of the standard library's contextlib module to earlier Python versions. programming.language.python3 main
python3-contourpy 1.0.7 Python library for calculating contours in 2D quadrilateral grids. programming.language.python3 main
python3-cppy 1.1.0 A collection of C++ headers which make it easier to write Python C extension modules. programming.language.python3 main
python3-cryptography 40.0.1 Cryptographic recipes for Python3 programming.language.python3 main
python3-cryptography-docs 40.0.1 Documentation files for python3-cryptography main
python3-cssselect 1.2.0 CSS selectors for Python ElementTree. programming.language.python3 main
python3-cups 2.0.1 Python3 interface to the CUPS API programming.language.python3 main
python3-curio 1.5 Curio - Concurrent I/O programming.language.python3 main
python3-cycler 0.10.0 cycler: composable cycles. programming.language.python3 main
python3-dateutil 2.8.2 python3-dateutil provides powerful extensions to datetime programming.language.python3 main
python3-dbusmock 0.23.1 Mock D-Bus objects for tests programming.language.python3 main
python3-decorator 5.0.9 Python3 module to simplify the usage of decorators programming.language.python3 main
python3-defusedxml 0.7.1 XML bomb protection for Python stdlib modules programming.language.python3 main
python3-devel 3.9.17 Development headers for the python3. programming.devel main
python3-distlib 0.3.1 Low-level components of distutils2/packaging. programming.language.python3 main
python3-distro 1.5.0 Linux Distribution - a Linux OS platform information API programming.language.python3 main
python3-distutils-extra 2.39 Enhancements to the Python build system programming.language.python3 main
python3-distutils-extra 2.39 Enhancements to the Python build system programming.language.python3 contrib
python3-dnspython 2.1.0 A DNS toolkit for Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-docker 5.0.0 A Python library for the Docker Engine API. programming.language.python3 main
python3-docker-py 1.8.1 Python client for Docker. programming.language.python3 main
python3-docutils 0.19 Docutils module for python3 office.misc main
python3-ecdsa 0.17.0 ECDSA module for python programming.language.python main
python3-editor 1.0.4 Programmatically open an editor, capture the result. programming.language.python3 main
python3-email-validator 1.1.3 A robust email syntax and deliverability validation library for Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-enchant 3.2.2 Python bindings for the Enchant spellchecking system programming.language.python3 main
python3-extras 1.0.0 Extra code that should be part of the standard library but isn't. programming.language.python3 main
python3-filelock 3.3.1 A platform independent file lock for Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-fixtures 3.0.0 Python fixtures for testing / resource management. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask 1.1.4 The Python micro framework for building web applications. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-babelex 0.9.4 i18n and l10n support for Flask based on Babel and pytz. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-compress 1.10.1 Compress responses in your Flask app. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-gravatar 0.5.0 Small and simple gravatar usage in Flask. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-login 0.5.0 Flask user session management. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-mail 0.9.1 Flask-Mail adds SMTP mail sending to your Flask applications. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-migrate 3.1.0 SQLAlchemy database migrations for Flask applications using Alembic. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-paranoid 0.2 Simple user session protection. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-principal 0.4.0 Identity management for Flask applications. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-script 2.0.6 Flask extension to help writing external scripts for Flask applications. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-security 3.0.0 Quick and simple security for Flask applications. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-sqlalchemy 2.5.1 Adds SQLAlchemy support to Flask. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flask-wtf 0.15.1 Simple integration of Flask and WTForms, including CSRF, file upload and Recaptcha integration. programming.language.python3 main
python3-flit-core 3.7.1 Simplified packaging of Python modules programming.language.python3 main
python3-fonttools 4.38.0 A library to manipulate font files from Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-future 0.18.2 Clean single-source support for Python 3 and 2 programming.language.python3 main
python3-fuzzywuzzy 0.18.0 Fuzzy String Matching in Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-gpsd 3.25 GPS daemon and library to support serial/USB GPS devices. science.gis main
python3-gtts 2.2.3 Google Text to Speech (TTS) API programming.language.python3 main
python3-gtts-token 1.1.4 Google Text to Speech token programming.language.python3 main
python3-h11 0.12.0 A pure-Python, bring-your-own-I/O implementation of HTTP/1.1 programming.language.python3 main
python3-h2 4.1.0 HTTP/2 State-Machine based protocol implementation programming.language.python3 main
python3-hpack 4.0.0 HTTP/2 Header Encoding for Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-hstspreload 2021.10.1 Chromium HSTS Preload list as a Python package and updated daily. programming.language.python3 main
python3-html5lib 1.1 Standards-compliant library for parsing and serializing HTML documents and fragments in Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-httpcore 0.13.7 The next generation HTTP client. programming.language.python3 main
python3-httptools 0.1.1 A collection of framework independent HTTP protocol utils. programming.language.python3 main
python3-httpx 0.20.0 The next generation HTTP client. programming.language.python3 main
python3-humanfriendly 10.0 Human friendly input/output in Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-hyperframe 6.0.1 Pure-Python HTTP/2 framing programming.language.python3 main
python3-idna 3.2 Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) programming.language.python3 main
python3-ifaddr 0.1.7 Python3 Library to enumerate all network interfaces. programming.language.python3 main
python3-imagesize 1.2.0 Getting image size from png/jpeg/jpeg2000/gif file. programming.language.python3 main
python3-imdbpy 2021.04.18 Python bindings for the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) programming.language.python3 main
python3-importlib_metadata 5.0.0 Python development support library (note: maintenance only) programming.language.python3 main
python3-importlib_resources 5.10.0 Design and implementation for a planned importlib.resources programming.language.python3 main
python3-iniconfig 1.1.1 brain-dead simple config-ini parsing programming.language.python3 main
python3-installer 0.5.1 A low-level library for installing from a Python wheel distribution. programming.language.python3 main
python3-ipaddress 1.0.23 ipaddress module for python3.2- programming.language.python3 main
python3-iso8601 1.1.0 Simple module to parse ISO 8601 dates programming.language.python3 main
python3-isodate 0.6.1 ISO 8601 date/time parser. programming.language.python3 main
python3-isort 5.9.3 A Python utility / library to sort imports. programming.language.python3 main
python3-itsdangerous 2.0.1 Safely pass trusted data to untrusted environments and back. programming.language.python3 main
python3-jedi 0.18.0 Awesome autocompletion and static analysis library for python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-Jinja2 3.0.3 A small but fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine written in pure python programming.language.python3 main
python3-Jinja2-docs 3.0.3 Documentation files for python3-Jinja2 main
python3-kappa 0.7.0 A CLI tool for AWS Lambda developers programming.language.python3 main
python3-kde5 4.90.81 Python3 bindings for KDE5 desktop.kde.bindings main
python3-kde5-devel 4.90.81 Development files for python3-kde5 programming.devel main
python3-kiwisolver 1.3.2 Efficient C++ implementation of the Cassowary constraint solving algorithm. programming.language.python3 main
python3-lark 1.1.4 Lark is a modern general-purpose parsing library for Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-lazy-object-proxy 1.6.0 A fast and thorough lazy object proxy. programming.language.python3 main
python3-Levenshtein 0.12.2 Python extension for computing string edit distances and similarities programming.language.python main
python3-lit 13.0.0 lit is a portable tool for executing LLVM and Clang style test suites, summarizing their results, and providing indication of failures. programming.language.python3 main
python3-lxml 4.9.2 The lxml XML toolkit for Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-lxml-docs 4.9.2 API documentation of python3-lxml main
python3-mako 1.1.5 A python3 templating language programming.language.python3 main
python3-mako-docs 1.1.5 Documentation files for python3-mako main
python3-markdown 3.3.4 Python implementation of John Gruber's Markdown programming.language.python3 main
python3-markups 3.1.1 Wrapper around various text markups programming.language.python3 main
python3-MarkupSafe 2.0.1 Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-matplotlib 3.6.3 matplotlib: plotting with Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-mccabe 0.6.1 McCabe complexity checker for Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-mimeparse 1.6.0 Basic functions for handling mime-types in python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-miniupnpc 2.2.4 miniupnpc is a UPnP Control Point. network.library main
python3-more-itertools 8.8.0 More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools. programming.language.python3 main
python3-multidict 5.1.0 The multidict implementation. programming.language.python3 main
python3-mutagen 1.45.1 An audio tag editing library programming.language.python3 main
python3-nose 1.3.7 A unittest extension offering automatic test suite discovery and easy test authoring programming.language.python3 main
python3-numpy 1.24.1 The fundamental package needed for scientific computing with Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-numpy-docs 1.24.1 Documentation files for python3-numpy main
python3-odfpy 1.4.1 Python API and tools to manipulate OpenDocument files programming.language.python3 main
python3-olefile 0.46 Python package to parse, read and write Microsoft OLE2 files. programming.language.python3 main
python3-packaging 20.9 Core utilities for Python packages. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pafy 0.5.5 A small Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs, e.g. a "user data dir". programming.language.python3 main
python3-pallets-sphinx-themes 2.0.1 Sphinx themes for Pallets and related projects. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pam 1.8.4 Pure Python interface to the Pluggable Authentication Modules system on Linux programming.language.python3 main
python3-paramiko 2.8.0 Paramiko module for python3 programming.language.python3 main
python3-parso 0.8.2 A Python Parser. programming.language.python3 main
python3-passlib 1.7.4 Passlib is a password hashing library for Python 2 and 3. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pbr 5.6.0 Python Build Reasonableness programming.language.python3 main
python3-pefile 2022.5.30 Python PE parsing module programming.language.python3 main
python3-pep517 0.12.0 Wrappers to build Python packages using PEP 517 hooks programming.language.python3 main
python3-pexpect 4.8.0 For controlling and automating applications programming.language.python3 main
python3-pgi GObject Introspection bindings written in pure Python using ctypes and cffi (optional). API compatible with PyGObject. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pillow 8.3.1 PIL is the fork of Python Imaging Library. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pillow-devel 8.3.1 Development files for python3-pillow programming.devel main
python3-pillow-docs 8.3.1 Documentation files for python3-pillow main
python3-pkgconfig 1.5.5 A Python interface to the pkg-config command line tool. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pluggy 0.13.1 A minimalist production ready plugin system programming.language.python3 main
python3-PLY 3.11 Implementation of lex and yacc parsing tools programming.language.python3 main
python3-pocketsphinx 0.1.17 Pocketsphinx is a part of the CMU Sphinx Open Source Toolkit For Speech Recognition. programming.language.python3 main
python3-poetry-core 1.6.1 Poetry PEP 517 Build Backend Core Utilities programming.language.python3 main
python3-prefs 1.0.1 REFS is Python library that stores preferences in a text file with a dictionary-like structure. programming.language.python3 main
python3-protobuf 3.21.12 Python 3 bindings for Google Protocol Buffers network.misc main
python3-psutil 5.8.0 A cross-platform process utilities module for Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-psycopg2 2.9.1 PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language. programming.language.python3 main
python3-ptyprocess 0.7.0 Run a subprocess in a pseudo terminal programming.language.python3 main
python3-py 1.10.0 Python development support library (note: maintenance only) programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyalsaaudio 0.9.2 This package contains wrappers for accessing the ALSA API from Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyasn1 0.4.8 Python bindings for ASN.1 types and codecs programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyasn1-modules 0.2.8 A collection of ASN.1-based protocols modules. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyatspi 2.46.0 Python bindings for at-spi2-core programming.language.python3 main
python3-PyAudio 0.2.11 Python Bindings for PortAudio. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pychromecast 9.3.1 Python3 module to talk to Google Chromecast. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pycountry 20.7.3 ISO country, subdivision, language, currency and script definitions and their translations. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pycparser 2.20 Complete C99 parser in pure Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-pycrypto 2.6.1 Python3 pycrypto module programming.language.python3 main
python3-pycryptodome 3.11.0 A self-contained Python package of low-level cryptographic primitives programming.language.python3 main
python3-pycryptodomex 3.11.0 A self-contained Python package of low-level cryptographic primitives programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyelftools 0.27 Python3 library for analyzing ELF files and DWARF debugging information programming.language.python3 main
python3-Pygments 2.9.0 A syntax highlighting package written in Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-Pygments-docs 2.9.0 Documentation files for python3-Pygments main
python3-pygobject3 3.44.1 Python Bindings for GLib/GObject/GIO/GTK+ programming.language.python3 main
python3-pygobject3-devel 3.44.1 Development files for python3-pygobject3 programming.devel main
python3-pyinotify 0.9.6 Monitoring filesystems events with inotify on Linux. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pylibacl 0.6.0 This python 2.2+ extension module allows you to manipulate the POSIX.1e Access Control Lists present in some os/filesystem combinations programming.language.python3 main
python3-pylint 2.11.1 A Python module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pynacl 1.4.0 PyNaCl module for python3 programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyparsing 2.4.7 Python3 parsing module programming.language.python3 main
python3-pypcap 1.2.3 Python3 pcap module programming.language.python3 main
python3-pypdf2 1.26.0 Python3 pyPDF2 module programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyperclip 1.8.2 A cross-platform clipboard module for Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyqt5-sip 12.12.0 Python 3.x pyqt6 SIP bindings for C and C++ libraries programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyqt6-sip 13.5.1 The sip module support for PyQt6 programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyrsistent 0.18.0 Persistent/Immutable/Functional data structures for Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyserial 3.5 This module encapsulates the access for the serial port. programming.language.python3 main
python3-PyShellCode 1.0 Execute ShellCode / "Inline-Assembler" in Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-PyShellCode-devel 1.0 Development headers for the python3-PyShellCode module programming.devel main
python3-pysmbc 1.0.23 Python3 interface to the libsmbclient library programming.language.python3 main
python3-pysol_cards 0.12.0 Deal PySol FC Cards programming.language.python3 main
python3-pytest 6.2.4 Simple powerful testing with Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-pytest-runner 5.3.1 Simple powerful testing with Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyttsx3 2.90 pyttsx3 is a text-to-speech conversion library in Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-pytz 2021.1 World Timezone Definitions for Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyudev 0.22 Python3 bindings for libudev library programming.language.python3 main
python3-PyYAML The next generation YAML parser and emitter for Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-pyzmq 22.3.0 PyZMQ: Python3 bindings for zeromq programming.language.python3 main
python3-qt5 5.15.9 A set of Python 3.x bindings for the Qt 5.x Toolkit programming.language.python3 main
python3-qt5-devel 5.15.9 Development files for python3-qt5 programming.devel main
python3-qt6 6.5.0 A set of Python bindings for the Qt6 toolkit programming.language.python3 main
python3-qt6-devel 6.5.0 Development files for python3-qt6 programming.devel main
python3-qtpy 2.3.1 Provides an uniform layer to support PyQt5 and PySide2 with a single codebase programming.language.python3 main
python3-random2 1.0.1 Python 3 compatible port of Python 2 random module programming.language.python3 main
python3-rangehttpserver 1.2.0 SimpleHTTPServer with support for Range requests. programming.language.python3 main
python3-rdflib 6.1.1 A Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information programming.language.python3 main
python3-recommonmark 0.7.1 Markdown parser for docutils programming.language.python3 main
python3-reportlab 3.6.9 A proven industry-strength PDF generating solution programming.language.python3 main
python3-requests 2.28.1 Requests is an Apache2 Licensed HTTP library, written in Python, for human beings. programming.language.python3 main
python3-rfc3986 1.5.0 Validating URI References per RFC 3986. programming.language.python3 main
python3-sane 2.9.1 Python interface to the SANE scanner and frame grabber. programming.language.python3 main
python3-sanic 20.6.3 A web server and web framework that's written to go fast. Build fast. Run fast. programming.language.python3 main
python3-scour 0.38.2 Scour - An SVG Optimizer / Cleaner programming.language.python3 main
python3-semanticversion 2.10.0 A library implementing the 'SemVer' scheme. programming.language.python3 main
python3-setproctitle 1.2.2 Allows a python process to change its process title programming.language.python3 main
python3-setuptools 67.8.0 Python setuptools programming.language.python3 main
python3-setuptools-rust 1.5.2 Compile and distribute Python extensions written in rust as easily as if they were written in C. programming.language.python3 main
python3-setuptools-scm 7.0.4 Python3 setuptools-scm module programming.language.python3 main
python3-shiboken2 5.15.8 Python3 shared library files used by shiboken2. programming.language.python3 main
python3-shiboken2-devel 5.15.8 Development headers for the shiboken2 library. programming.devel main
python3-simplejson 3.17.5 Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-sip 6.7.8 Python 3.x SIP bindings for C and C++ libraries programming.language.python3 main
python3-sip-docs 6.7.8 Documentation files for python3-sip main
python3-six 1.16.0 Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities. programming.language.python3 main
python3-smartypants 2.0.1 Python with the SmartyPants programming.language.python3 main
python3-sniffio 1.2.0 Sniff out which async library your code is running under programming.language.python3 main
python3-snowballstemmer 2.1.0 snowballstemmer module for python3 programming.language.python3 main
python3-soupsieve 2.2.1 A modern CSS selector implementation for Beautiful Soup. programming.language.python3 main
python3-speaklater 1.4 Implements a lazy string for python useful for use with gettext. programming.language.python3 main
python3-speech-dispatcher 0.11.3 Python3 bindings for speech-dispatcher multimedia.sound.speech-dispatcher main
python3-sphinx 5.3.0 Python documentation generator. It can generate HTML or Latex outputs programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinx-alabaster-theme 0.7.12 Sphinx default theme. programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinx-copybutton 0.4.0 Add a copy button to code cells in Sphinx docs programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinx-docs 5.0.1 Documentation files for python3-sphinx main
python3-sphinx-issues 1.2.0 A Sphinx extension for linking to your project's issue tracker. programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinx-removed-in 0.2.1 versionremoved and removed-in directives for Sphinx programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinxcontrib-applehelp 1.0.2 sphinxcontrib-applehelp module for python programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinxcontrib-devhelp 1.0.2 sphinxcontrib-devhelp module for python programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp 2.0.0 sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp module for python programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinxcontrib-jsmath 1.0.1 sphinxcontrib-jsmath module for python programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinxcontrib-log-cabinet 1.0.1 Organize changelog directives in Sphinx docs. programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinxcontrib-qthelp 1.0.3 sphinxcontrib-qthelp module for python programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml 1.1.5 sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml module for python programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinxcontrib-websupport 1.2.4 sphinxcontrib-websupport module for python programming.language.python3 main
python3-sphinx_rtd_theme 1.2.0 Sphinx theme for programming.language.python3 main
python3-sqlalchemy 1.4.26 The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper programming.language.python3 main
python3-sqlparse 0.4.2 A non-validating SQL parser module for Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-sshtunnel 0.4.0 SSH tunnels to remote server. programming.language.python3 main
python3-svgwrite 1.4.3 A Python library to create SVG drawings programming.language.python3 main
python3-testtools 2.5.0 Testtools - tasteful testing for python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-tk 3.9.16 Python modules for Tk programming.language.python3 main
python3-toml 0.10.2 Python lib for parsing TOML programming.language.python3 main
python3-tomli 2.0.1 A lil' TOML parser programming.language.python3 main
python3-tqdm 4.62.3 A Fast, Extensible Progress Bar for Python and CLI. programming.language.python3 main
python3-typing_extensions 4.3.0 The blessed package to manage your versions by scm tags programming.language.python3 main
python3-typogrify 2.0.7 filters to make caring about typography on the web a bit easier programming.language.python3 main
python3-Unidecode 1.2.0 US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text programming.language.python3 main
python3-urllib3 1.26.13 urllib3 is a powerful, sanity-friendly HTTP client for Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-validictory 1.1.2 A general purpose Python3 data validator. programming.language.python3 main
python3-virtualenv 20.8.0 Virtual Python Environment builder. programming.language.python3 main
python3-wcwidth 0.2.5 Measures number of Terminal column cells of wide-character codes. programming.language.python3 main
python3-webencodings 0.5.1 Character encoding for the web. programming.language.python3 main
python3-websocket-client 1.1.1 WebSocket client library for Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-websockets 9.1 Library for building WebSocket servers and clients in Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-werkzeug 2.0.2 The comprehensive WSGI web application library programming.language.python3 main
python3-wheel 0.36.2 The official binary distribution format for Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-wrapt 1.13.2 A Python module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching. programming.language.python3 main
python3-wtforms 2.3.3 A flexible forms validation and rendering library for Python. programming.language.python3 main
python3-xapp 2.4.1 Python Xapp Library programming.language.python3 main
python3-xcffib 0.11.1 Python3 drop in replacement for xpyb, an XCB python binding programming.language.python3 main
python3-xdg 0.28 X client library for Python3. programming.language.python3 main
python3-xlib 0.31 X client library for Python3. programming.language.python3 main
python3-youtube_dl 2021.12.17 Youtube Video Downloader programming.language.python3 main
python3-z3 4.12.1 The Z3 Theorem Prover. programming.language.python3 main
python3-zappa 0.54.0 Zappa - Serverless Python programming.language.python3 main
python3-zeroconf 0.36.9 A pure python3 implementation of multicast DNS service discovery. programming.language.python3 main
python3-zipp 3.4.1 Python development support library (note: maintenance only) programming.language.python3 main