Paketler ( 362 )

İsim Sürüm Açıklama Kategori Depo
k3b 21.08.2 CD/DVD burning application for KDE hardware.optical main
kaccounts-integration 23.08.4 Small system to administer web accounts for the sites and services across the KDE desktop, including: Google, Facebook, Owncloud, IMAP, Jabber and others main
kaccounts-integration-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kaccounts-integration programming.devel main
kaccounts-providers 23.08.4 Small system to administer web accounts for the sites and services across the KDE desktop, including: Google, Facebook, Owncloud, IMAP, Jabber and others main
kactivities 5.114.0 Library for KDE's Plasma Activities support desktop.kde.framework main
kactivities-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kactivities programming.devel main
kactivities-stats 5.114.0 Library for KDE's Plasma Activities support desktop.kde.framework main
kactivities-stats-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kactivities-stats programming.devel main
kactivitymanagerd 5.27.10 Core components for the KDE Activity concept. desktop.kde.plasma main
kaddressbook 23.08.4 KDE contact manager desktop.kde.applications main
kaddressbook-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kaddressbook programming.devel main
kaffeine 2.0.18 Kaffeine Media Player for KDE5 multimedia.videoplayer main
kalarm 23.08.4 Personal alarm scheduler desktop.kde.applications main
kalarmcal 21.12.2 Library to provides access and handling of KAlarm calendar data desktop.kde.applications main
kalarmcal-devel 21.12.2 Development files for kalarmcal programming.devel main
kalgebra 23.08.4 A graph calculator main
kalzium 23.08.4 Periodic Table of Elements desktop.kde.applications main
kalzium-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kalzium programming.devel main
kamera 23.08.4 Webcam support for KDE main
kanagram 23.08.4 A letter order game main
kapidox 5.114.0 KDE5 Frameworks API documentation tools. desktop.kde.framework main
kapman 23.08.4 Pac-Man clone main
kapptemplate 23.08.4 Application template generator desktop.kde.sdk main
kaptan 7.4.3 Kaptan, Pisi Linux workspace configuration wizard desktop.pisilinux main
karchive 5.114.0 Qt 5 addon providing access to numerous types of archives desktop.kde.framework main
karchive-devel 5.114.0 Development files for karchive programming.devel main
kate 23.08.4 Advanced Text Editor desktop.kde.applications main
katomic 23.08.4 Sokoban like logic game main
kauth 5.114.0 Abstraction to system policy and authentication features desktop.kde.framework main
kauth-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kauth programming.devel main
kbd 2.6.3 Keyboard and console utilities system.base main
kblackbox 23.08.4 Blackbox logic game main
kblocks 23.08.4 Falling blocks game main
kblog 20.04.3 A blogging library for KDE desktop.kde.applications main
kblog-devel 20.04.3 Development files for kblog programming.devel main
kbookmarks 5.114.0 Access and manipulate bookmarks stored using XBEL format desktop.kde.framework main
kbookmarks-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kbookmarks programming.devel main
kbounce 23.08.4 Ball bouncing game main
kbreakout 23.08.4 Breakout like game main
kbruch 23.08.4 Practice calculating with fractions and percentages main
kcalc 23.08.4 A scientific calculator desktop.kde.utils main
kcalendarcore 5.114.0 The KDE calendar access library desktop.kde.framework main
kcalendarcore-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kcalendarcore programming.devel main
kcalutils 23.08.4 The KDE calendar utility library desktop.kde.applications main
kcalutils-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kcalutils programming.devel main
kcharselect 23.08.4 A character selector desktop.kde.utils main
kcmutils 5.114.0 Utilities for interacting with KCModules desktop.kde.framework main
kcmutils-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kcmutils programming.devel main
kcodecs 5.114.0 Plugins allowing Qt applications to access further types of images desktop.kde.framework main
kcodecs-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kcodecs programming.devel main
kcolorchooser 23.08.4 A simple color chooser application main
kcolorpicker 0.2.0 Qt based Color Picker with popup menu programming.library main
kcolorpicker-devel 0.2.0 Development files for kcolorpicker programming.devel main
kcompletion 5.114.0 Addon with auto completion widgets and classes desktop.kde.framework main
kcompletion-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kcompletion programming.devel main
kconfig 5.114.0 Advanced configuration system for KDE Frameworks 5 desktop.kde.framework main
kconfig-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kconfig programming.devel main
kconfigwidgets 5.114.0 Kconfig widgets desktop.kde.framework main
kconfigwidgets-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kconfigwidgets programming.devel main
kcontacts 5.114.0 Address book API for KDE. desktop.kde.framework main
kcontacts-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kcontacts programming.devel main
kcoreaddons 5.114.0 Utilities for core application functionality and accessing the OS desktop.kde.framework main
kcoreaddons-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kcoreaddons programming.devel main
kcrash 5.114.0 Kcrash crash handling application desktop.kde.framework main
kcrash-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kcrash programming.devel main
kcron 23.08.4 Graphical task scheduler desktop.kde.applications main
kdav 5.114.0 A DAV protocol implemention with KJobs desktop.kde.applications main
kdav-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kdav programming.devel main
kdb 3.2.0 A database connectivity and creation framework for various database vendors. desktop.kde.applications main
kdb-devel 3.2.0 Development files for kdb. programming.devel main
kdbusaddons 5.114.0 Extra modules for Qt-DBus desktop.kde.framework main
kdbusaddons-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kdbusaddons programming.devel main
kde-cli-tools 5.27.10 Additional client tools for KDE applications desktop.kde.plasma main
kde-dev-scripts 23.08.4 Scripts and setting files useful during development of KDE software desktop.kde.sdk main
kde-gtk-config 5.27.10 GTK2 and GTK3 Configurator for KDE desktop.kde.plasma main
kde-servicemenu-pisiyap 0.7b PiSi related service menus util.admin main
kde-servicemenu-rootactions 2.9.1 Root actions servicemenu for Dolphin desktop.kde.addon main
kde-thumbnailer-epub 1.1 A KDE thumbnail generator for the ePub file format. desktop.kde.addon main
kdeaudio-thumbnailer 1.1.0 Thumbnail generator for audio files, ported to KF5 desktop.kde.applications main
kdebugsettings 23.08.4 An application to enable/disable qCDebug desktop.kde.applications main
kdeclarative 5.114.0 Integration of QML and KDE workspaces desktop.kde.framework main
kdeclarative-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kdeclarative programming.devel main
kdeconnect 23.08.4 Connect KDE with your smartphone desktop.kde.applications main
kdecorations 5.27.10 Plugin based library to create window decorations desktop.kde.plasma main
kdecorations-devel 5.27.10 Development files for kdecorations programming.devel main
kded 5.114.0 KDE5 daemon desktop.kde.framework main
kded-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kded programming.devel main
kdeedu-data 23.08.4 Common data for KDE Edu applications desktop.kde.applications main
kdegraphics-mobipocket 23.08.4 A collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files desktop.kde.applications main
kdegraphics-mobipocket-devel 23.08.4 Development headers for kdegraphics-mobipocket programming.devel main
kdegraphics-svgpart 23.08.4 A KPart for viewing SVGs desktop.kde.applications main
kdegraphics-thumbnailers 23.08.4 KDE thumbnailer library main
kdelibs4-support 5.114.0 Code and utilities to ease the transition to KDE Frameworks 5 desktop.kde.framework main
kdelibs4-support-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kdelibs4-support programming.devel main
kdenetwork-filesharing 23.08.4 Filesharing configuration modlue. desktop.kde.applications main
kdenlive 23.08.4 A video editing GUI for KDE using the MLT video framework desktop.kde.multimedia main
kdepim-addons 23.08.4 Addons for the KDE PIM apllications desktop.kde.applications main
kdepim-apps-libs 20.08.3 KDE PIM mail related libraries desktop.kde.applications main
kdepim-apps-libs-devel 20.08.3 Development package for kdepim-apps-libs libraries programming.devel main
kdepim-runtime 23.08.4 KDE5 PIM Runtime Environment desktop.kde.applications main
kdeplasma-addons 5.27.10 Additional client tools for KDE applications desktop.kde.plasma main
kdesdk-thumbnailers 23.08.4 Translation file thumbnail generators desktop.kde.sdk main
kdesignerplugin 5.114.0 QT Designer integration for KDE5 Frameworks widgets desktop.kde.framework main
kdesu 5.114.0 User interface for running shell commands with root privileges desktop.kde.framework main
kdesu-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kdesu programming.devel main
kdewebkit 5.114.0 KDE5 WebKit integration desktop.kde.framework main
kdewebkit-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kdewebkit programming.devel main
kdf 23.08.4 View Disk Usage desktop.kde.applications main
kdgantt2 16.12.0 Library providing gantt support desktop.kde.applications main
kdgantt2-devel 16.12.0 Development files for kdgantt2 programming.devel main
kdiagram 2.8.0 Powerful libraries for creating business diagrams desktop.kde.applications main
kdiagram-devel 2.8.0 Development files for kdiagram programming.devel main
kdialog 23.08.4 kdialog allows you to display dialog boxes from shell scripts desktop.kde.applications main
kdiamond 23.08.4 Three in a row game main
kdnssd 5.114.0 Network service discovery using Zeroconf desktop.kde.framework main
kdnssd-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kdnssd. programming.devel main
kdoctools 5.114.0 KDE5 document generator desktop.kde.framework main
kdoctools-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kdoctools programming.devel main
kdsoap 1.9.0 Qt-based client-side and server-side SOAP component server.web main
kdsoap-devel 1.9.0 Development files for kdsoap programming.devel main
keditbookmarks 23.08.4 Bookmark Organizer and Editor desktop.kde.applications main
keepassxc 2.7.6 Cross-platform Password Manager util.misc main
kemoticons 5.114.0 KDE emoticon manager desktop.kde.framework main
kemoticons-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kemoticons programming.devel main
kernel 5.15.140 Noyau Linux Pisi Linux pour machine monoprocesseur. kernel main
kernel-docs 5.15.140 Documentation and scripts for the Linux kernel main
kernel-headers 5.15.140 Fichiers d'entête du noyau Linux Pisi system.devel main
kernel-module-headers 5.15.140 Kernel header files for external module building kernel main
kexi 3.1.0 A visual database applications creator. office main
keybinder 0.3.2 keybinder is a library for registering global keyboard shortcuts. desktop.xfce.addon main
keybinder-devel 0.3.2 Development files for keybinder programming.devel main
keyutils 1.6.3 Linux key management utilities system.base main
kfilemetadata 5.114.0 KDE5 library for extracting meta data from files. desktop.kde.framework main
kfilemetadata-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kfilemetadata programming.devel main
kfind 23.08.4 Find Files/Folders desktop.kde.utils main
kfloppy 23.04.2 A floppy formatter desktop.kde.utils main
kfoldersync 3.4.1 Folder synchronization and backup tool for KDE desktop.kde.utils main
kfourinline 23.08.4 Four in a row board game main
kgamma5 5.27.10 Adjust your monitor's gamma settings. desktop.kde.plasma main
kgeography 23.08.4 KGeography is a geography learning tool main
kget 23.08.4 Download manager for KDE desktop.kde.applications main
kglobalaccel 5.114.0 Global desktop keyboard shortcuts desktop.kde.framework main
kglobalaccel-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kglobalaccel programming.devel main
kgpg 23.08.4 A GnuPG frontend desktop.kde.applications main
kguiaddons 5.114.0 Utilities for graphical user interfaces desktop.kde.framework main
kguiaddons-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kguiaddons programming.devel main
khangman 23.08.4 KHangMan is a game for kids based on the well-known hangman game main
khelpcenter 23.08.4 KDE Help Center desktop.kde.applications main
kholidays 5.114.0 KDE library for regional holiday information desktop.kde.framework main
kholidays-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kdelibs4-support programming.devel main
khotkeys 5.27.10 KDE5 hotkey daemon desktop.kde.plasma main
khtml 5.114.0 HTML rendering engine for KDE desktop.kde.framework main
khtml-devel 5.114.0 Development files for khtml programming.devel main
ki18n 5.114.0 KDE Gettext-based UI text internationalization. desktop.kde.framework main
ki18n-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kde5-ki18n programming.devel main
kicad 6.0.7 Electronic schematic and printed circuit board (PCB) design tools science.electronics main
kiconthemes 5.114.0 KDE5 icon utilities desktop.kde.framework main
kiconthemes-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kiconthemes programming.devel main
kidentitymanagement 23.08.4 KDE PIM libraries desktop.kde.applications main
kidentitymanagement-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kidentitymanagement programming.devel main
kidletime 5.114.0 Idle time reporting utility desktop.kde.framework main
kidletime-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kidletime programming.devel main
kig 23.08.4 An interactive geometry application main
killbots 23.08.4 Run for your life main
kimageannotator 0.6.0 Tool for annotating images programming.library main
kimageannotator-devel 0.6.0 Development files for kimageannotator programming.devel main
kimageformats 5.114.0 Image formats addons for QT 5 desktop.kde.framework main
kimap 23.08.4 Job-based API for interacting with IMAP servers desktop.kde.applications main
kimap-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kimap programming.devel main
kinfocenter 5.27.10 KDE5 info center desktop.kde.plasma main
kinit 5.114.0 KDE applications initialization utility desktop.kde.framework main
kinit-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kinit programming.devel main
kio 5.114.0 Resource and network access abstraction desktop.kde.framework main
kio-admin 23.08.4 Manage files as administrator using the admin:// KIO protocol desktop.kde.applications main
kio-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kio programming.devel main
kio-extras 23.08.4 Additional KIO-slaves for KDE5 applications main
kio-extras-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kio-extras programming.devel main
kio-gdrive 23.08.4 KIO Slave to access Google Drive desktop.kde.applications main
kio-zeroconf 23.08.4 Network Monitor for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf) desktop.kde.applications main
kipi 23.08.4 A collection of plugins extending the KDE graphics and image applications desktop.kde.applications main
kirigami 5.114.0 A set of QML components for mobile/desktop convergent applications made by KDE desktop.kde.framework main
kirigami-addons 0.11.0 Add-ons for the Kirigami framework desktop.kde.utils main
kirigami-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kirigami programming.devel main
kiriki 23.08.4 Yahtzee like dice game main
kitemmodels 5.114.0 Set of item models extending the Qt model-view framework desktop.kde.framework main
kitemmodels-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kitemmodels programming.devel main
kitemviews 5.114.0 Set of item models extending the Qt model-view framework desktop.kde.framework main
kitemviews-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kitemviews programming.devel main
kiten 23.08.4 A Japanese reference/study tool main
kiten-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kiten programming.devel main
kitinerary 23.08.4 Data model and extraction system for travel reservation information desktop.kde.applications main
kitinerary-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kitinerary programming.devel main
kjobwidgets 5.114.0 Widgets for showing progress of asynchronous jobs desktop.kde.framework main
kjobwidgets-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kjobwidgets programming.devel main
kjots 5.1.1 A note taking application for KDE desktop.kde.utils main
kjs 5.114.0 JavaScript engine for KDE desktop.kde.framework main
kjs-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kjs programming.devel main
kjsembed 5.114.0 JavaScript support for HTML rendering engine on KDE5 desktop.kde.framework main
kjsembed-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kjsembed programming.devel main
kjumpingcube 23.08.4 Territory capture game main
klavaro 3.13 Free touch typing tutor program multimedia.misc main
kldap 23.08.4 LDAP access API for KDE desktop.kde.applications main
kldap-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kdelibs4-support programming.devel main
kleopatra 23.08.4 Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI desktop.kde.applications main
klettres 23.08.4 An alphabet learning application main
klibc 2.0.8 A minimal libc subset for use with initramfs system.devel main
klickety 23.08.4 A kind of solitary game main
klines 23.08.4 Kolor Lines main
kmag 21.12.3 A screen magnifier desktop.kde.accessibility main
kmahjongg 23.08.4 Mahjongg Solitaire main
kmail 23.08.4 KDE mail client desktop.kde.applications main
kmail-account-wizard 23.08.4 Kmail Account Wizard desktop.kde.applications main
kmailtransport 23.08.4 Mail Transport Service desktop.kde.applications main
kmailtransport-devel 23.08.4 Development files for akonadi programming.devel main
kmbox 23.08.4 MBox library support. desktop.kde.applications main
kmbox-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kmbox programming.devel main
kmediaplayer 5.114.0 KDE5 media player Plugin interface for media player features desktop.kde.framework main
kmediaplayer-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kmediaplayer programming.devel main
kmenuedit 5.27.10 Provides the interface and basic tools for the KDE workspace desktop.kde.plasma main
kmime 23.08.4 KDE library for handling mail messages and newsgroup articles. desktop.kde.applications main
kmime-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kmime programming.devel main
kmines 23.08.4 Minesweeper like game main
kmix 23.08.4 KMix: KDE Digital Mixer desktop.kde.multimedia main
kmod 30 Linux kernel module management utilities system.base main
kmouth 21.12.3 A speech synthesizer frontend desktop.kde.accessibility main
kmplot 23.08.4 Mathematical Function Plotter main
knavalbattle 23.08.4 Naval Battle game main
knetwalk 23.08.4 Network construction game main
knewstuff 5.114.0 Framework for downloading and sharing additional application data desktop.kde.framework main
knewstuff-devel 5.114.0 Development files for knewstuff programming.devel main
knotifications 5.114.0 KDE5 Desktop notifications desktop.kde.framework main
knotifications-devel 5.114.0 Development files for knotifications programming.devel main
knotifyconfig 5.114.0 Configuration dialog for desktop notifications desktop.kde.framework main
knotifyconfig-devel 5.114.0 Development files for knotifyconfig programming.devel main
knowthelist 2.3.0 Knowthelist the awesome party music player multimedia.sound main
kollision 23.08.4 A simple ball dodging game main
kolourpaint 23.08.4 An easy to use paint program main
kompare 23.08.4 File difference viewer desktop.kde.sdk main
konqueror 23.08.4 Konqueror - KDE File Manager and Web Browser desktop.kde.applications main
konqueror-devel 23.08.4 Development files for konqueror programming.devel main
konsole 23.08.4 KDE Konsole desktop.kde.applications main
kontact 23.08.4 KDE Personal Information Manager desktop.kde.applications main
kontactinterface 23.08.4 Kontact Plugin Interface Library desktop.kde.applications main
kontactinterface-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kontactinterface programming.devel main
konversation 1.7.7 A user friendly IRC client for KDE desktop.kde.applications main
korganizer 23.08.4 Calendar and scheduling Program desktop.kde.applications main
kpackage 5.114.0 Framework that lets applications manage user installable packages of non-binary assets desktop.kde.framework main
kpackage-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kpackage programming.devel main
kparts 5.114.0 Plugin framework for user interface components desktop.kde.framework main
kparts-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kparts programming.devel main
kpat 23.08.4 Patience card game main
kpeople 5.114.0 A contact aggregation library for KDE desktop.kde.framework main
kpeople-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kpeople programming.devel main
kpeoplevcard 0.1 Library to expose vcards to KPeople desktop.kde.addon main
kpeoplevcard-devel 0.1 Development files for kpeoplevcard programming.devel main
kphotoalbum 5.7.0 KDE Photo Album, picture collection manager main
kpimtextedit 23.08.4 A textedit with PIM-specific features. desktop.kde.applications main
kpimtextedit-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kpimtextedit programming.devel main
kpipewire 5.27.10 Components relating to pipewire use in Plasma desktop.kde.plasma main
kpipewire-devel 5.27.10 Development files for kpipewire programming.devel main
kpkpass 23.08.4 Apple Wallet Pass reader desktop.kde.applications main
kpkpass-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kpkpass programming.devel main
kplotting 5.114.0 KDE5 Data plotting desktop.kde.framework main
kplotting-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kplotting programming.devel main
kpmcore 23.08.4 Library for managing partitions. desktop.kde.applications main
kpmcore-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kpmcore programming.devel main
kproperty 3.2.0 A property editing framework with editor widget similar to what is known from Qt Designer desktop.kde.applications main
kproperty-devel 3.2.0 Developments files for kproperty. programming.devel main
kpty 5.114.0 Libraries for pseudo terminal devices desktop.kde.framework main
kpty-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kpty programming.devel main
kqtquickcharts 23.08.4 A QtQuick plugin to render beautiful and interactive charts desktop.kde.applications main
kqtquickcharts-devel 23.08.4 Development files for kqtquickcharts programming.devel main
kquickcharts 5.114.0 A QtQuick plugin providing high-performance charts desktop.kde.framework main
krdc 23.08.4 Remote Desktop Client desktop.kde.applications main
krdc-devel 23.08.4 Remote Desktop Client programming.devel main
kreport 3.2.0 A framework for creation and generation of reports in multiple formats desktop.kde.applications main
kreport-devel 3.2.0 Developments files for kreport. programming.devel main
krfb 23.08.4 Desktop sharing utility desktop.kde.applications main
krita 5.2.1 Krita is a free digital painting application. main
kross 5.114.0 KDE5 application scripting helper desktop.kde.framework main
kross-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kross programming.devel main
kross-interpreters 23.08.4 Kross interpreter plugins for programming languages desktop.kde.bindings main
kruler 23.08.4 A screen ruler and color measurement tool main
krunner 5.114.0 Krunner Framework for providing different actions given a string query desktop.kde.framework main
krunner-devel 5.114.0 Development files for krunner programming.devel main
krusader 2.8.0 Advanced KDE twin-panel(commander-style) file-manager util.misc main
ksanecore 23.08.4 Library providing logic to interface scanners desktop.kde.applications main
ksanecore-devel 23.08.4 Development files for ksanecore programming.devel main
kscreen 5.27.10 Provides the interface and basic tools for the KDE workspace desktop.kde.plasma main
kscreenlocker 5.27.10 Library and components for secure lock screen architecture. desktop.kde.plasma main
kscreenlocker-devel 5.27.10 Development files for kscreenlocker programming.devel main
kseexpr An embeddable expression evaluation engine (Krita fork) main
kseexpr-devel Development files for kseexpr programming.devel main
kservice 5.114.0 KDE5 Desktop Services desktop.kde.framework main
kservice-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kservice programming.devel main
kshisen 23.08.4 Shisen-Sho Mahjongg like tile game main
kshutdown 4.0 Shutdown Utility for KDE desktop.kde.addon main
ksmtp 23.08.4 Bir SMTP sunucusu yoluyla e-posta göndermek için işe dayalı kütüphane desktop.kde.applications main
ksmtp-devel 23.08.4 Development files for ksmtp programming.devel main
ksquares 23.08.4 Connect the dots to create squares main
ksshaskpass 5.27.10 ssh-add helper that uses kwallet and kpassworddialog desktop.kde.plasma main
kstars 3.6.7 A desktop planetarium for KDE main
ksudoku 23.08.4 Sudoku game desktop.kde.applications main
ksyndication 5.114.0 RSS/Atom parser library desktop.kde.framework main
ksyndication-devel 5.114.0 Development files for ksyndication programming.devel main
ksysguard 5.22.0 KDE system monitor desktop.kde.plasma main
ksystemlog 23.08.4 System log viewer. desktop.kde.applications main
ksystemstats 5.27.10 KSystemStats is a daemon that collects statistics about the running system desktop.kde.plasma main
ktageditor 0.2.0 KTag Editor is an Audio tag editor developed in Qt5 framework. multimedia.editor main
kteatime 23.08.4 Timer for making tea. desktop.kde.utils main
ktextaddons 1.4.1 Various text handling addons desktop.misc main
ktextaddons-devel 1.4.1 Development files for ktextaddons programming.devel main
ktexteditor 5.114.0 KDE5 text editor libraries desktop.kde.framework main
ktexteditor-devel 5.114.0 Development files for ktexteditor programming.devel main
ktextwidgets 5.114.0 KDE5 text editing widgets desktop.kde.framework main
ktextwidgets-devel 5.114.0 Development files for ktextwidgets programming.devel main
ktimer 23.08.4 A countdown launcher desktop.kde.utils main
ktnef 23.08.4 API for handling TNEF data desktop.kde.applications main
ktnef-devel 23.08.4 Development files for ktnef programming.devel main
ktorrent 23.08.4 A powerful BitTorrent client for KDE desktop.kde.applications main
ktp-accounts-kcm 23.04.2 KCM Module for configuring Telepathy Instant Messaging Accounts desktop.kde.applications main
ktp-approver 23.04.2 KDE Channel Approver for Telepathy main
ktp-auth-handler 23.04.2 Provide UI/KWallet Integration For Passwords and SSL Errors on Account Connect main
ktp-common-internals 23.04.2 Common components for KDE-Telepathy main
ktp-common-internals-devel 23.04.2 Development files for ktp-common-internals programming.devel main
ktp-contact-list 23.04.2 KDE Telepathy contact list application main
ktp-contact-runner 23.04.2 KRunner plugin for KDE Telepathy main
ktp-desktop-applets 23.04.2 The KDE-Telepathy Plasma desktop applets main
ktp-filetransfer-handler 23.04.2 KDE Telepathy file transfer handler main
ktp-kded-module 23.04.2 Sits in KDED and takes care of various bits of system integration like setting user to auto-away or handling connection errors main
ktp-send-file 23.04.2 A File manager plugin to launch a file transfer job with a specified contact main
ktp-text-ui 23.04.2 Telepathy handler for Text Chats main
ktuberling 23.08.4 A simple constructor game suitable for children and adults alike main
kturtle 23.08.4 An educational programming environment main
kunitconversion 5.114.0 KDE unit conversion framework desktop.kde.framework main
kunitconversion-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kunitconversion programming.devel main
kuserfeedback 1.3.0 Framework for collecting user feedback for applications via telemetry and surveys desktop.kde.framework main
kuserfeedback-devel 1.3.0 Development files for kuserfeedback programming.devel main
kvantum 1.0.7 Kvantum is an SVG-based theme engine for Qt5/Qt6, KDE and LXQt. desktop.lookandfeel main
kvazaar 2.0.0 An open-source HEVC encoder main
kvazaar-devel 2.0.0 Header files for kvazaar. programming.devel main
kwallet 5.114.0 KDE password storage framework desktop.kde.framework main
kwallet-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kwallet programming.devel main
kwallet-pam 5.27.10 KWallet PAM integration. desktop.kde.plasma main
kwalletmanager 23.08.4 A wallet management tool desktop.kde.utils main
kwave 23.08.4 A sound editor for KDE desktop.kde.applications main
kwayland 5.114.0 Qt-style Client and Server library wrapper for the Wayland libraries desktop.kde.framework main
kwayland-devel 5.114.0 Qt-style Client and Server library wrapper for the Wayland libraries programming.devel main
kwayland-integration 5.27.10 Provides integration plugins for various KDE frameworks for the wayland windowing system desktop.kde.plasma main
kwidgetsaddons 5.114.0 KDE5 desktop widgets desktop.kde.framework main
kwidgetsaddons-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kwidgetsaddons programming.devel main
kwin 5.27.10 KDE5 window manager desktop.kde.plasma main
kwin-devel 5.27.10 Development files for kwin programming.devel main
kwin-wayland 5.27.10 Wayland support for KWin desktop.kde.plasma main
kwindowsystem 5.114.0 KDE5 window manager access framework desktop.kde.framework main
kwindowsystem-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kwindowsystem programming.devel main
kwordquiz 23.08.4 Kwordquiz is a Flash Card Trainer main
kwrited 5.27.10 KDE5 daemon listening for wall and write messages desktop.kde.plasma main
kxmlgui 5.114.0 Framework for managing menu and toolbar actions desktop.kde.framework main
kxmlgui-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kxmlgui programming.devel main
kxmlrpcclient 5.114.0 XML-RPC client library for KDE desktop.kde.framework main
kxmlrpcclient-devel 5.114.0 Development files for kdelibs4-support programming.devel main