Paketler ( 204 )

İsim Sürüm Açıklama Kategori Depo
m4 1.4.19 GNU macro processor system.devel main
m4ri 20200125 Algorithms for linear algebra over F_2. science.misc main
m4ri-devel 20200125 Development files for m4ri programming.devel main
m4rie 20200125 Algorithms for linear algebra over F2^e. science.misc main
m4rie-devel 20200125 Development files for m4rie programming.devel main
mac 10.09 Lossless audio compressor. multimedia.sound main
mac-devel 10.09 Lossless audio compressor. programming.devel main
mailcap 2.1.48 Helper application and MIME type associations for file types system.base main
mailcommon 23.04.2 KDE PIM library providing support for mail applications desktop.kde.applications main
mailcommon-devel 23.04.2 Development files for mailcommon programming.devel main
mailimporter 23.04.2 Mail importer library desktop.kde.applications main
mailimporter-devel 23.04.2 Development files for mailimporter programming.devel main
mailspring 1.9.2 A beautiful, fast and maintained fork of Nylas Mail by one of the original authors. network.mail contrib
make 4.4.1 Standard tool to compile source trees system.devel main
man-db 2.9.3 Application to read Linux man pages system.base main
man-pages 6.04 Une collection de pages de manuel Linux compréhensibles d'une certaine manière. system.base main
mandoc 1.14.6 A suite of tools for compiling mdoc and man programming.misc main
manicminer 1.7a Retro Platform Game Game contrib
marble 23.04.2 Virtual globe and eorld atlas desktop.kde.applications main
marble-devel 23.04.2 Development files for marble programming.devel main
marco 1.26.0 GTK+ based window manager desktop.mate main
marco-devel 1.26.0 marco için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
mariadb-client 10.11.3 MariaDB client libraries server.database main
mariadb-lib 10.11.3 MariaDB client tools server.database main
mariadb-man-pages 10.11.3 MariaDB server and client man pages server.database main
mariadb-server 10.11.3 MariaDB server and releated files server.database main
master-pdf-editor 5.8.52 A complete solution for creation and editing PDF files. (Free for non-commercial use) - Qt5 version editor.pdf contrib
mate-applet-dock 21.10.0 Application dock for the MATE panel desktop.mate main
mate-applets 1.27.0 Applets for MATE panel. desktop.mate main
mate-backgrounds 1.27.1 Default wallpapers for the Mate desktop desktop.mate main
mate-brisk-menu 0.6.2 Mate Brisk Menus desktop.mate main
mate-calc 1.27.0 Calculator for the Mate desktop environment desktop.mate main
mate-common 1.27.0 Common files for development of Mate packages desktop.mate main
mate-control-center 1.27.0 The MATE Desktop configuration tool desktop.mate main
mate-control-center-devel 1.27.0 The MATE Desktop configuration tool programming.devel main
mate-desktop 1.27.1 Basic Mate libraries and dialogs desktop.mate main
mate-desktop-devel 1.27.1 Basic Mate libraries and dialogs programming.devel main
mate-desktop-doc 1.27.1 mate-desktop için döküman belgeleri. main
mate-icon-theme 1.27.0 Mate icon theme desktop.mate main
mate-indicator-applet 1.27.0 A small applet to display information from various applications consistently in the panel. desktop.mate main
mate-media 1.27.0 MATE media programs desktop.mate main
mate-menus 1.27.0 Mate Menus desktop.mate main
mate-menus-devel 1.27.0 mate-menus için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
mate-netbook 1.27.0 Basit bir pencere yönetim aracı desktop.mate main
mate-notification-daemon 1.27.0 Mate notification daemon desktop.mate main
mate-panel 1.27.1 GNOME panel desktop.mate main
mate-panel-devel 1.27.1 mate-panel için geliştirme dosyaları. programming.devel main
mate-panel-doc 1.27.1 mate-panel için döküman belgeleri. main
mate-polkit 1.26.1 Authentication agent for polkit desktop.mate main
mate-power-manager 1.27.0 Mate için güç yöneticisi desktop.mate main
mate-screensaver 1.27.0 Replaces xscreensaver, integrating with the MATE desktop. desktop.mate main
mate-sensors-applet 1.27.0 Display readings from hardware sensors in your MATE panel. desktop.mate main
mate-sensors-applet-devel 1.27.0 mate-sensors-applet için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
mate-session-manager 1.27.0 MATE Session Manager desktop.mate main
mate-settings-daemon 1.27.0 System settings daemon for MATE desktop desktop.mate main
mate-settings-daemon-devel 1.27.0 mate-settings-daemon için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
mate-system-monitor 1.27.0 Process and resource monitor desktop.mate main
mate-terminal 1.27.0 MATE terminal emulator application desktop.mate main
mate-themes 3.22.23 MATE Desktop themes desktop.mate main
mate-tweak 22.10.0 Tweak tool for MATE (fork of MintDesktop) desktop.mate main
mate-user-share 1.27.0 User level public file sharing via WebDAV or ObexFTP desktop.mate main
mate-utils 1.27.0 MATE utility programs desktop.mate main
mate-utils-devel 1.27.0 mate-utils için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
mate-utils-gtk-doc 1.27.0 mate-utils için dosyalar main
matio 1.5.17 C library with a fortran 90/95 module interface for reading/writing MATLAB MAT-files science.mathematics main
matio-devel 1.5.17 Development files for matio programming.devel main
Mattermost 5.2.2 Open source Slack-alternative in Golang and React Network contrib
mbedtls 2.27.0 Cryptographic library for embedded systems multimedia.misc main
mbedtls-devel 2.27.0 Development files for mbedtls programming.devel main
mBlock 4.0.0 The perfect combination of Scratch and Arduino code unknown contrib
mc 4.8.26 GNU Midnight Commander cli-based file manager util.misc main
md4c 0.4.8 C Markdown parser programming.library main
md4c-devel 0.4.8 Development files for md4c programming.devel main
mdadm 3.4 Utility to control Linux MD devices (software RAID arrays) hardware.disk main
mdadm-static 3.4 Statik linklemiş Raid denetleme aracı system.base main
mdbtools 0.7.1 MDB Tools is a suite of programs for accessing data stored in Microsoft Access databases office.misc main
mdbtools-devel 0.7.1 Development files for mdbtools programming.devel main
mdds 2.0.1 Multi-dimensional data index algorithm office.misc main
mdds-devel 2.0.1 mdds için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
media-player-info 24 Media player capability database main
mediainfo 22.06 MediaInfo supplies technical and tag information about mediafiles multimedia.misc main
medit 1.2.92 Multiplatform GTK text editor editor main
memtest86 5.01 Memory tester system.boot main
menu-cache 1.1.0 Development headers for libfm-qt desktop.lxqt main
menu-cache-devel 1.1.0 Development files for menu-cache programming.devel main
mercurial 5.3 A distributed SCM tool programming.scm main
mesa 23.1.2 Mesa graphics libraries and utilities x11.library main
mesa-32bit 23.1.2 32-bit shared libraries for mesa emul32 main
mesa-demos 9.0.0 Mesa demos x11.misc main
mesa-demos-32bit 9.0.0 32-bit shared libraries for mesa emul32 main
mesa-devel 23.1.2 Development files for mesa programming.devel main
mesa-glu 9.0.2 Mesa OpenGL Utility library x11.library main
mesa-glu-32bit 9.0.2 32-bit shared libraries for mesa-glu emul32 main
mesa-glu-devel 9.0.2 Development files for mesa-glu programming.devel main
mesa-opencl 23.1.2 OpenCL support for AMD/ATI Radeon mesa drivers x11.library main
mesa-utils 9.0.0 Mesa utilities x11.util main
meson 1.1.1 High productivity build system system.devel main
messagelib 23.04.2 KDE PIM library providing support for mail applications desktop.kde.applications main
messagelib-devel 23.04.2 Development files for messagelib programming.devel main
metis 5.1.0_p8 A set of serial programs for partitioning graphs, partitioning finite element meshes, and producing fill reducing orderings for sparse matrices science.mathematics main
metis-devel 5.1.0_p8 Development files for metis programming.devel main
mevlana 0.1 A cursor theme for Pisi GNU/Linux desktop.pisilinux main
mhash A uniform interface to several hash algorithms. programming.library main
mhash-devel Development files for mhash programming.devel main
Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams for Linux is your chat-centered workspace in Office 365 contrib
Microsoft-Edge 114.0.1823.43 The web browser from Microsoft network.web contrib
milou 5.27.6 KDedicated search application built on top of Baloo desktop.kde.plasma main
mindforger 1.48.2 MindForger is open, free, well performing Markdown IDE which respects your privacy and enables security. office main
mingetty 1.08 A compact getty program for virtual consoles only system.base main
minicom 2.8 A serial communication program network.ftp main
miniupnpc 2.2.4 bir uPnP istemci kütüphanesi network.library main
miniupnpc-devel 2.2.4 miniupnpc için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
minizip 1.2.12 Library for manipulating files from a zip archive util.archive main
minizip-devel 1.2.12 Development files for minizip util.archive main
minizip-ng 3.0.10 Fork of the popular zip manipulation library found in the zlib distribution util.archive main
minizip-ng-devel 3.0.10 Development files for minizip-ng programming.devel main
mint-themes 2.1.2 Mint-X GTK2, GTK3, Metacity and Xfce theme. desktop.cinnamon main
mintcommon 1.0.3 Common scripts and resources for Linux Mint desktop.cinnamon main
mintlocale 1.4.7 Language selection tool. desktop main
minuet 23.04.2 A KDE Software for Music Education desktop.kde.applications main
minuet-devel 23.04.2 Development files for minuet programming.devel main
miscfiles 1.5 Fichiers divers. system.base main
mit-kerberos 1.21.1 MIT Kerberos Library system.base main
mit-kerberos-devel 1.21.1 Development files for mit-kerberos system.devel main
mjpegtools 2.1.0 Tools for MJPEG video main
mjpegtools-devel 2.1.0 Development files for mjpegtools programming.devel main
mkinitcpio 30 Modular initramfs image creation utility main
mkinitramfs 1.0.7 A tool to create the initramfs image main
mkvtoolnix 75.0.0 A set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files multimedia.converter main
mlkstyle 1.0.5 mlk style editor. desktop.toolkit.mlk main
mlt 7.14.0 A multimedia framework, designed and developed for television broadcasting main
mlt-devel 7.14.0 Development files for mlt programming.devel main
mlt6 6.26.1 A multimedia framework, designed and developed for television broadcasting main
mlt6-devel 6.26.1 Development files for mlt programming.devel main
mm-common 1.0.5 Common build files of the C++ bindings programming.misc main
mobile-broadband-provider-info 20230416 Service provider specific settings of mobile broadband providers in different countries network.connection main
mocp 2.6.0 Music On Console Player. multimedia.sound main
ModemManager 1.20.6 A manager framework for mobile broadband modems network.connection main
ModemManager-devel 1.20.6 Development files for ModemManager programming.devel main
ModemManager-docs 1.20.6 Development files for ModemManager main
modemmanager-qt 5.107.0 Qt wrapper for ModemManager DBus API desktop.kde.framework main
modemmanager-qt-devel 5.107.0 Development files for modemmanger-qt programming.devel main
module-bbswitch 0.8 Kernel module allowing to switch dedicated graphics card on Optimus laptops kernel.drivers main
module-broadcom-wl Broadcom's IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n hybrid Linux device driver for use with Broadcom's BCM4311, BCM4312, BCM4321, and BCM4322 based hardware kernel.drivers main
module-broadcom-wl-userspace modprobe rules and documents for broadcom-wl kernel driver kernel.drivers main
module-ndiswrapper 1.63 A network driver wrapper kernel.drivers main
module-nvidia-current 510.108.03 Kernel module for current NVIDIA graphics driver releases kernel.drivers main
module-nvidia340 340.108 Kernel module for NVIDIA driver 340.xx releases kernel.drivers main
module-nvidia390 390.157 Kernel module for current NVIDIA graphics driver releases kernel.drivers main
module-virtualbox 7.0.8 Kernel modules for VirtualBox kernel.drivers main
module-virtualbox-guest 7.0.8 Kernel modules for VirtualBox guest machines kernel.drivers main
module-virtualbox-guest-userspace 7.0.8 Userspace documentation, tools, udev and modprobe rules for the kernel driver virtualbox-guest kernel.drivers main
module-virtualbox-userspace 7.0.8 Userspace documentation, tools, udev and modprobe rules for the kernel driver virtualbox kernel.drivers main
mod_dav_svn 1.14.2 A compelling replacement for CVS server.web main
mod_php 7.4.33 PHP7 is an HTML-embedded scripting language. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly server.web main
mono-data Database connectivity for Mono unknown main
mono-data-oracle Oracle database connectivity for Mono unknown main
mono-data-sqlite Sqlite database connectivity for Mono unknown main
mono-devel Header files and libraries used to embed the Mono runtime in an application programming.devel main
mono-extras Infrastructure for running and building daemons and services unknown main
mono-ibm-data-db2 IBM DB2 database connectivity for Mono unknown main
mono-locale-extras Extra locale information for Mono unknown main
mono-runtime Librairie de classe et environnement d'exécution (runtime) de Mono, un compilateur/interpréteur C#. unknown main
mono-wcf Mono implementation of WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) unknown main
mono-web ASP.NET, remoting, and web services for Mono unknown main
mono-winforms Windows forms implementation for Mono unknown main
mono-winfxcore Mono implementation of core WinFX APIs unknown main
monodoc-core Mono documentation tools unknown main
mousepad 0.6.1 A simple text editor for Xfce desktop.xfce.addon main
mozjs-102 102.2.0 Stand-alone JavaScript C Library main
mozjs-102-devel 102.2.0 Development files for spidermonkey programming.devel main
mozjs-78 78.12.0 Stand-alone JavaScript C Library main
mozjs-78-devel 78.12.0 Development files for mozjs-78 system.devel main
mozo 1.27.0 Mozo menu editor for MATE desktop.mate main
mpd 0.23.12 Music Player Daemon. main
mpdecimal 2.5.1 Package for correctly-rounded arbitrary precision decimal floating point arithmetic programming.language.python3 main
mpdecimal-devel 2.5.1 Development files for mpdecimal programming.devel main
mpfr 4.2.0 Multiple precision floating point library system.devel main
mpfr-devel 4.2.0 Development files for mpfr system.devel main
mpg123 1.31.3 Console MP3 player multimedia.sound main
mpg123-32bit 1.31.3 32-bit shared libraries for mpg123 emul32 main
mpg123-devel 1.31.3 Development files for mpg123 programming.devel main
mplayer 1.4_38313 Media Player for Linux multimedia.videoplayer main
mplayer-gui 1.4_38313 MPlayer gui multimedia.videoplayer main
mpv-player 0.35.0 mpv is based on mplayer2 multimedia.videoplayer main
mpv-player-devel 0.35.0 mpv is based on mplayer2 programming.devel main
msgpack-c 6.0.0 It's like JSON but smaller and faster. programming.library main
msgpack-c-devel 6.0.0 It's like JSON but smaller and faster. programming.devel main
msttcorefonts 1.0 Microsoft's TrueType Schriftarten für den Gebrauch im Web desktop.font main
mtools 4.0.43 Utilities to access MS-DOS disks without mounting them hardware.disk main
mudur 4.4.0 Pisi Linux boot and initialization system system.base main
muffin 5.8.0 Cinnamon window manager based on Mutter x11.wm main
muffin-devel 5.8.0 Cinnamon window manager based on Mutter programming.devel main
muparser 2.2.6 Mathematical expressions parser library science.misc main
muparser-devel 2.2.6 Development files for muparser programming.devel main
mupdf 1.22.1 Lightweight PDF and XPS viewer. office.misc main
mupdf-devel 1.22.1 Development files for mupdf programming.devel main
mupdf-doc 1.22.1 mupdf html documentation. main
musepack 8 Portable Musepack decoder library. multimedia.sound main
musicbrainz5 5.1.0 Client library to access metadata of mp3/vorbis/CD media multimedia.misc main
musicbrainz5-devel 5.1.0 Development files for musicbrainz5 programming.devel main
mutter 44.2 Mutter is a Wayland display server and X11 window manager and compositor library. desktop.gnome main
mutter-devel 44.2 Mutter is a Wayland display server and X11 window manager and compositor library. programming.devel main
mypaint-brushes 1.3.0 MyPaint tarafından kullanılan fırçalar ve libmypaint kullanan diğer yazılımlar main