Paketler ( 89 )

İsim Sürüm Açıklama Kategori Depo
i3status 2.14 A small generator for status bars x11.misc main
i3wm 4.21 A tiling window manager, completely written from scratch x11.wm main
i3wm-devel 4.21 Development files for i3wm system.devel main
ibus 1.5.28 Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS util.misc main
ibus-devel 1.5.28 ibus için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
ibus-gtk2 1.5.28 ibus için gtk2 desteği util.misc main
ibus-gtk3 1.5.28 ibus için gtk3 desteği util.misc main
ibus-gtk4 1.5.28 ibus için gtk4 desteği util.misc main
ibus-wayland 1.5.28 ibus için wayland desteği util.misc main
icecast 2.4.4 ShoutCast compatible streaming media server main
icedtea-web-java7 1.6.2 Java web browser plugin main
icon-naming-utils 0.8.90 Mate icon theme desktop.mate main
icon-naming-utils-devel 0.8.90 Mate icon theme programming.devel main
icon-theme-adwaita 45.0 Adwaita icon theme desktop.lookandfeel main
icon-theme-compass-kde 1.3.8 Compass Icon Theme for KDE desktop.lookandfeel main
icon-theme-elementary-xfce 0.17 Elementary Look for XFCE. desktop.lookandfeel main
icon-theme-faenza 1.3.1 Icon theme designed for Equinox GTK theme desktop.lookandfeel main
icon-theme-hicolor 0.17 Default icon theme desktop.lookandfeel main
icon-theme-milky 1.0 Icon theme designed for pisilinux GTK theme desktop.lookandfeel main
icon-theme-mint-x 1.6.5 Mint-X Icon themes. A mint/metal theme based on mintified versions of Clearlooks Revamp, Elementary and Faenza. desktop.lookandfeel main
icon-theme-mint-y 1.7.2 A flat, colorful, and modern theme based on Paper and Moka. desktop.lookandfeel main
icon-theme-nitrux-kde 3.5.3 Nitrux Look for KDE desktop.lookandfeel main
icon-theme-numix 17.04.05 Circle is an icon theme for Linux from the Numix project desktop.lookandfeel main
icon-theme-numix-light 17.04.05 Circle is an icon theme for Linux from the Numix project desktop.lookandfeel main
icon-theme-xfce4 4.4.3 Xfce icon theme desktop.xfce.lookandfeel main
iconcan 1.0.2 Icon etiketi için görseller desktop.lookandfeel main
icoutils 0.32.3 Utility for extracting and converting Microsoft icon and cursor files main
icu4c 73.2 International Components for Unicode programming.misc main
icu4c-32bit 73.2 32-bit shared libraries for icu4c emul32 main
icu4c-devel 73.2 Development files for icu4c programming.devel main
id3lib 3.8.3 ID3v1 ve ID3v2 etiketlerini okumak, yazmak ve değiştirmek için kullanılan kitaplık multimedia.editor main
id3lib-devel 3.8.3 Development files for id3lib programming.devel main
idle3 3.11.6 An Integrated Development Environment for Python programming.environment main
iftop 1.0.4 Bandwidth monitor network.analyzer main
ifuse 1.1.4 Mount Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices main
ilmbase 2.5.3 Several utility libraries from ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) used by OpenEXR science.misc main
ilmbase-devel 2.5.3 Development files for ilmbase programming.devel main
im-config 0.52 Input method configuration framework desktop.cinnamon main
imagemagick A collection of tools and libraries for many image file formats main
imagemagick-devel Development files for imagemagick programming.devel main
imagemagick-docs HTML documentation for imagemagick main
imagemagick6 A collection of tools and libraries for many image file formats. main
imagemagick6-devel Development files for imagemagick6 programming.devel main
imagemagick6-docs HTML documentation for imagemagick6 main
imath 3.1.9 Library of 2D and 3D vector, matrix, and math operations for computer graphics science.misc main
imath-devel 3.1.9 Development files for imath programming.devel main
iml 1.0.5 IML - Integer Matrix Library. science.misc main
iml-devel 1.0.5 Development files for iml programming.devel main
imlib2 1.12.0 Second version of the general image loading and rendering library main
imlib2-devel 1.12.0 Development files for imlib2 programming.devel main
immer 0.8.1 Postmodern immutable and persistent data structures for C++ programming.library main
incidenceeditor 23.08.4 KDE PIM incidence editor. desktop.kde.applications main
incidenceeditor-devel 23.08.4 Development files for incidenceeditor. programming.devel main
indicator-sound-switcher 2.3.9 Sound input/output selector indicator for Linux. multimedia.misc main
inetutils 2.4 A collection of common network programs network.connection main
iniparser 4.1 A free ini file parsing library programming.misc main
iniparser-devel 4.1 Development files for iniparser programming.devel main
initrd 1.1.4 A tool for generating initial ramdisk images main
inkscape 1.3 SVG vector graphics application. main
inkscape-devel 0.92.4 Development files for Inkscape programming.devel main
insync An unofficial Google Drive and OneDrive client that runs on Linux, with support for various desktops network.misc contrib
intel-media-driver 22.5.4 Media Driver for VAAPI. main
intel-media-sdk 22.5.4 The Intel Media SDK. main
intel-tbb 2020.3 Intel Threading Building Blocks Library programming.misc main
intel-tbb-devel 2020.3 Development files for intel-tbb programming.devel main
intel-ucode 20230808 Microcode update files for Intel CPUs hardware.cpu main
intltool 0.51.0 Utility for internationalizing various kinds of data files system.devel main
inxi script voor het opvragen van systeem informatie util.admin main
ipaddr 2.2.0 An IPv4/IPv6 manipulation library in Python network.library main
iproute2 6.6.0 Kernel routing and traffic control utilities network.filter main
ipscan 3.8.2 This is the source code of Angry IP Scanner, licensed with GPL v2 network.monitor main
iptables 1.8.10 Firewall, NAT and packet mangling tools network.filter main
iptables-devel 1.8.10 Development files for iptables programming.devel main
iptvnator 0.15.0 Cross-platform IPTV player application with multiple features, such as support of m3u and m3u8 playlists, favorites, TV guide, TV archive/catchup and more contrib
iputils 20231222 Network monitoring tools including ping and ping6 network.misc main
irqbalance 1.6.0 Distribute hardware interrupts across processors hardware.cpu main
isl 0.25 Integer Set Library system.devel main
isl-devel 0.25 Development files for isl system.devel main
iso-codes 4.15.0 International country codes office.misc main
iso-codes-devel 4.15.0 Development files for iso-codes programming.devel main
iso-flag-png 1.0.2 ISO country flags in PNG format desktop.cinnamon main
isodumper 0.48 A tool for writing ISO images on a USB stick. It's a fork of usb-imagewriter. util.admin main
isoimagewriter 1.0.0 Program to write hybrid ISO files onto USB disks util.admin main
ispc 1.21.0 C-based SPMD programming language compiler multimedia.misc main
ispc-devel 1.21.0 Development files for ispc programming.devel main
itstool 2.0.7 XML to PO and back again office.docbook main
iucode-tool 2.3.1 Tool to manipulate Intel® IA-32/X86-64 microcode bundles programming.tool main
iw 5.19 nl80211 based CLI configuration utility for wireless devices network.misc main
iwd 2.13 Wireless daemon for Linux network.connection main