Paketler ( 135 )

İsim Sürüm Açıklama Kategori Depo
oath-toolkit 2.6.9 OATH one-time password toolkit programming.library main
oath-toolkit-devel 2.6.9 Development files for oath-toolkit programming.devel main
oath-toolkit-docs 2.6.9 Development files for oath-toolkit main
obconf-qt 0.16.2 This is a Qt port of ObConf, configurator of OpenBox window manager. desktop.lxqt main
obs-studio 29.3.1 Open Broadcaster Software. multimedia.videoplayer main
obs-studio-devel 29.3.1 Development files for obs-studio programming.devel main
obsidian 1.5.3 A powerful knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files unknown contrib
ocaml 4.14.0 Fast modern type-inferring functional programming language programming.language.ocaml main
ocaml-compiler-libs 4.14.0 ocaml-derleyici kütüphaneleri programming.language.ocaml main
ocenaudio 3.13.2 Ocenaudio is a fast, cross-platform audio editor. unknown contrib
ocrad 0.27 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program based on a feature extraction method office.misc main
ocrfeeder 0.8.5 GTK+ document layout analysis and optical character recognition application desktop.toolkit.gtk main
octave 5.2.0 A high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. science.mathematics main
octave-devel 5.2.0 Development files for octave programming.devel main
ode 0.16.2 High performance library for simulating rigid body dynamics game.misc main
ode-devel 0.16.2 Development files for ode programming.devel main
ogdi 3.2.1 Açık coğrafik veri kayıt arayüzü, GIS destek kütüphanesi science.gis main
ogdi-devel 3.2.1 Development files for ogdi programming.devel main
ogre-next 2.3.1 Scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine written in C++ multimedia.editor main
ogre-next-devel 2.3.1 Development files for ogre-next programming.devel main
okteta 0.26.13 Hexadecimal editor for binary files desktop.kde.sdk main
okteta-devel 0.26.13 Development files for okteta programming.devel main
okular 23.08.4 A document viewer main
okular-devel 23.08.4 Development files for okular programming.devel main
olive-video-editor 0.2 Free non-linear video editor multimedia contrib
onboard 1.4.1 On-screen keyboard useful on tablet PCs or for mobility impaired users accessibility main
onetbb 2021.10.0 oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB) programming.misc main
onetbb-devel 2021.10.0 Development files for onetbb programming.devel main
onevpl 2023.1.1 Video Processing Library. main
onevpl-devel 2023.1.1 Video Processing Library. programming.devel main
oniguruma A regular expressions library programming.misc main
oniguruma-devel Development files for oniguruma programming.devel main
onlyoffice 7.0.0 An office suite that combines text, spreadsheet and presentation editors Office contrib
open-sans-fonts 1.10 Open Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson desktop.font main
openal 1.23.1 Open Audio Library is a vendor-neutral API for interactive spatialized audio multimedia.sound main
openal-32bit 1.23.1 32-bit shared libraries for openal emul32 main
openal-devel 1.23.1 Development files for openal programming.devel main
openbox 3.6.1 A standarts compliant, fast, lightweight window manager x11.wm main
openbox-devel 3.6.1 Development headers for openbox programming.devel main
openbox-gnome 3.6.1 The openbox-gnome package contains the files needed for using openbox inside a Gnome session. x11.wm main
openbox-kde 3.6.1 The openbox-kde package contains the files needed for using openbox inside a KDE session. x11.wm main
opencascade 7.6.3 Open CASCADE Technology, 3D modeling and numerical simulation. science.misc main
opencascade-devel 7.6.3 Development files for opencascade programming.devel main
opencl-icd 2.3.2 OpenCL ICD loader library x11.misc main
opencl-icd-32bit 2.3.2 OpenCL ICD loader library emul32 main
opencl-icd-devel 2.3.2 OpenCL ICD loader library programming.devel main
OpenCOLLADA 1.6.68 Collada 3D import and export libraries multimedia.misc main
OpenCOLLADA-devel 1.6.68 Development files for OpenCOLLADA programming.devel main
opencolorio 2.2.1 Enables color transforms and image display across graphics apps multimedia.misc main
opencolorio-devel 2.2.1 Development files for opencolorio programming.devel main
OpenColorIO1 1.1.1 Enables color transforms and image display across graphics apps multimedia.misc main
OpenColorIO1-devel 1.1.1 Development files for OpenColorIO1 programming.devel main
openconnect 9.12 A client for Cisco's AnyConnect VPN, which uses HTTPS and DTLS protocols network.connection main
openconnect-devel 9.12 Development files and headers for openconnect programming.devel main
opencore-amr 0.1.5 AMR speech codec implementation main
opencore-amr-devel 0.1.5 Development files for opencore-amr programming.devel main
opencv 4.8.1 Computer vision library science.robotics main
opencv-devel 4.8.1 Development files for opencv programming.devel main
opencv-docs 4.8.1 Computer vision library documents and examples main
openexr 3.2.1 A high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format library multimedia.misc main
openexr-devel 3.2.1 Development files for openexr programming.devel main
openexr-docs 3.2.1 OpenEXR example files main
openexr-libs 3.2.1 OpenEXR runtime libraries multimedia.misc main
openimageio Library for reading and writing images main
openimageio-devel Development files for openimageio programming.devel main
openjade 1.3.2 An implementation of DSSSL office.docbook main
openjdk-doc OpenJDK Java documentation main
openjdk-src OpenJDK Java sources main
openjdk7-doc 7u_231.2.6.19 Free Java environment based on OpenJDK 7.0 with IcedTea7 replacing binary plugs - documentation main
openjdk7-src 7u_231.2.6.19 Free Java environment based on OpenJDK 7.0 with IcedTea7 replacing binary plugs - sources main
openjdk8-doc 8u_382.3.28.0 Free Java environment based on OpenJDK 8.0 with IcedTea8 replacing binary plugs - documentation main
openjdk8-src 8u_382.3.28.0 Free Java environment based on OpenJDK 8.0 with IcedTea8 replacing binary plugs - sources main
openjpeg 1.5.2 JPEG2000 decoding library main
openjpeg-32bit 1.5.2 32-bit shared libraries for openjpeg main
openjpeg-devel 1.5.2 Development files for openjpeg programming.devel main
openjpeg2 2.5.0 JPEG2000 decoding library main
openjpeg2-32bit 2.5.0 32-bit shared libraries for openjpeg2 emul32 main
openjpeg2-devel 2.5.0 Development files for openjpeg2 programming.devel main
openldap-32bit 2.6.6 32-bit shared libraries for openldap emul32 main
openldap-client 2.6.6 Command-line ldap client commands (ldapsearch, ldapadd etc..) server main
openldap-server 2.6.6 OpenLDAP server slapd and releated tools server main
openmotif 2.3.8 Open Motif implementation desktop.toolkit.motif main
openmotif-32bit 2.3.8 32-bit shared libraries for openmotif emul32 main
openmotif-devel 2.3.8 Development files for openmotif programming.devel main
openmp 11.0.0 LLVM OpenMP runtime library programming.misc main
openmp-32bit 11.0.0 openmp 32-bit libraries emul32 main
openmp-devel 11.0.0 Development files for openmp programming.devel main
openmpi 4.1.5 High performance message passing library (MPI) network.misc main
openmpi-devel 4.1.5 Development files for openmpi programming.devel main
openpgl 0.5.0 Intel(R) Open Path Guiding Library programming.library main
openpgl-devel 0.5.0 Development headers for libaacs programming.devel main
openpgm 5.2.122 Implementation of the PGM reliable multicast protocol network.library main
openpgm-devel 5.2.122 Development files for openpgm programming.devel main
OpenSceneGraph 3.6.5 A C++ scene graph API on OpenGL for real time graphics main
OpenSceneGraph-devel 3.6.5 development files for OpenSceneGraph programming.devel main
openshot 3.1.1 An award-winning free and open-source video editor. multimedia.editor main
openslp 2.0.0 An open-source implementation of Service Location Protocol network.analyzer main
openslp-devel 2.0.0 Development files for openslp programming.devel main
openslp-server 2.0.0 OpenSLP server daemon network.analyzer main
opensp 1.5.2 A SGML parsing and entity management toolkit office.docbook main
opensp-devel 1.5.2 Development files for opensp programming.devel main
openssh 9.6_p1 Port of OpenBSD's free SSH release server main
openssl 1.1.1w Toolkit for SSL v2/v3 and TLS v1 system.base main
openssl-32bit 1.1.1w 32-bit shared libraries for openssl emul32 main
openssl-devel 1.1.1w Development files for openssl system.devel main
openvpn 2.6.6 A full featured SSL VPN solution network.connection main
openvpn 2.5.2 A full featured SSL VPN solution network.connection contrib
openvr 1.26.7 API and runtime that allows access to VR hardware from multiple vendors multimedia.misc main
openvr-devel 1.26.7 Development files for openvr programming.devel main
openxr 1.0.31 An open standard for virtual reality and augmented reality platforms and devices multimedia.misc main
openxr-devel 1.0.31 Development files for openxr programming.devel main
opera-stable 105.0.4970.48 Opera Web Browser network.browser contrib
optipng 0.7.7 PNG Optimizer main
opus-tools 0.2 A set of tools to encode, inspect, and decode audio in the Opus format. multimedia.sound main
opusfile 0.12 Library for opening, seeking, and decoding .opus files multimedia.misc main
opusfile-32bit 0.12 32-bit shared libraries for opusfile emul32 main
opusfile-devel 0.12 Development files for opusfile programming.devel main
orage 4.18.0 A calendar for Xfce desktop.xfce.addon main
orbit2 2.14.19 High-performance CORBA ORB desktop.gnome2 main
orbit2-devel 2.14.19 Development files for orbit2 programming.devel main
orbit2-docs 2.14.19 ORBit2 reference documents main
orc 0.4.34 The Oil Runtime Compiler multimedia.misc main
orc-32bit 0.4.34 32-bit shared libraries for orc emul32 main
orc-devel 0.4.34 orc için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
orca 45.2 Extensible screen reader that provides access to the desktop accessibility main
Orkhun-fonts 0.1 Old Turkic fonts desktop.font main
os-prober 1.81 Utility to detect other OSes on a set of drives system.boot main
osmo 0.4.4 Osmo is a handy personal organizer, which includes calendar, tasks manager, address book and notes modules. office.misc main
ostree 2023.5 Operating system and container binary deployment and upgrades hardware.virtualization main
ostree-devel 2023.5 Development files for ostree programming.devel main
otter-browser 1.0.03 Otter-Browser Controlled by the user, not vice versa network.web main
oxygen 5.27.10 KDE Oxygen style desktop.kde.plasma main
oxygen-fonts 5.4.3 Oxygen font family desktop.font main
oxygen-icons 5.114.0 KDE Oxygen icons desktop.kde.framework main
oxygen-sounds 5.27.10 The Oxygen Sound Theme desktop.kde.plasma main