Paketler ( 215 )

İsim Sürüm Açıklama Kategori Depo
s-tui 1.1.4 Terminal UI stress test and monitoring tool hardware.disk main
sakura 3.8.6 Simple but powerful libvte based terminal emulator. x11.terminal main
samba 4.19.1 A suite of SMB and CIFS client/server programs for UNIX server main
samba-devel 4.19.1 Development files for samba programming.devel main
samurai 1.2 ninja-compatible build tool written in C main
sane-backends 1.2.1 Scanner access software hardware.scanner main
sane-backends-devel 1.2.1 Development files for sane-backends programming.devel main
sane-backends-docs 1.2.1 Documentation for SANE backends main
sane-frontends 1.0.14 Graphical frontend to SANE hardware.scanner main
sarmanpisi 0.3.0 New version checker of Pisi packages programming.language.python contrib
sassc 3.6.2 Sass CSS ön işlemcisinin C uygulaması programming.library main
sayonara 1.7.0_3 Sayonara is a small, clear and fast audio player for Linux written in C++, supported by the Qt framework. It uses Gstreamer as audio backend. multimedia.sound main
sbc 2.0 Bluetooth Subband Codec (SBC) library hardware.bluetooth main
sbc-devel 2.0 Development files for sbc programming.devel main
sbsigntools 0.9.3 Tools to add signatures to EFI binaries and Drivers util.crypt main
schroedinger 1.0.11 Dirac codec library main
schroedinger-devel 1.0.11 Development files for schroedinger programming.devel main
scim-core 1.4.18 Core of SCIM for users main
scim-devel 1.4.18 Includes and pkgconfig for scim development programming.devel main
scim-libs 1.4.18 Libraries of SCIM main
scite 5.3.8 SCIntilla based Text Editor. editor main
scons 4.6.0 An Open Source software construction tool system.devel main
scratch Programming language learning environment for stories, games, music and art. programming.language main
scratch-desktop 3.3.0 As the offline version of Scratch 3.0 is not supported for the linux programming.language contrib
scrcpy 2.0 Display and control your Android device main
screen 4.6.2 Terminal multiplexer (to have multiple sessions in a single terminal window) util.misc main
screengrab 2.7.0 Crossplatform tool for fast making screenshots. desktop.lxqt main
scribus 1.5.8 Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Layout program office.misc main
scribus-docs 1.5.8 Documentation files for scribus main
sddm 0.20.0 QML based X11 and Wayland display manager desktop.misc main
sddm-kcm 5.27.10 KDE5 Config Module for SDDM desktop.misc main
sdl-image 1.2.12 Librairie SDL de chargement de fichier d'image. multimedia.misc main
sdl-image-32bit 1.2.12 32-bit shared libraries for sdl-image emul32 main
sdl-image-devel 1.2.12 Development files for sdl-image programming.devel main
sdl-mixer 1.2.12 Librairie du mixer SDL. multimedia.misc main
sdl-mixer-32bit 1.2.12 32-bit shared libraries for sdl-mixer emul32 main
sdl-mixer-devel 1.2.12 Development files for sdl-mixer programming.devel main
sdl-net 1.2.8 Librairie réseau de SDL. multimedia.misc main
sdl-net-devel 1.2.8 Development files for sdl-net programming.devel main
sdl-ttf 2.0.11 TrueType font support for SDL2 multimedia.misc main
sdl-ttf-32bit 2.0.11 32-bit shared libraries for sdl-ttf emul32 main
sdl-ttf-devel 2.0.11 Development files for sdl-ttf programming.devel main
sdl2-image 2.6.2 Librairie SDL2 de chargement de fichier d'image. multimedia.misc main
sdl2-image-devel 2.6.2 Development files for sdl2-image programming.devel main
sdl2-mixer 2.6.2 SDL2 mixer library multimedia.misc main
sdl2-mixer-32bit 2.6.2 32-bit shared libraries for sdl2-mixer emul32 main
sdl2-mixer-devel 2.6.2 Development files for sdl2-mixer programming.devel main
sdl2-net 2.2.0 Librairie réseau de SDL. multimedia.misc main
sdl2-net-devel 2.2.0 Development files for sdl-net programming.devel main
sdl2-ttf 2.20.2 TrueType font support for SDL2 multimedia.misc main
sdl2-ttf-32bit 2.20.2 32-bit shared libraries for sdl2-ttf emul32 main
sdl2-ttf-devel 2.20.2 Development files for sdl2-ttf programming.devel main
secure-delete 3.1 Secure delete utilities util.admin main
sed 4.9 GNU Stream Editor system.base main
serd 0.30.16 Serd is a lightweight C library for RDF syntax which supports reading and writing Turtle and NTriples. multimedia.misc main
serd-devel 0.30.16 Development files for serd programming.devel main
serf 1.3.9 High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library. network.library main
serf-devel 1.3.9 Development files for serf programming.devel main
service-manager 3.1.4 System Service configuration GUI desktop.pisilinux main
setconf 0.7.5 Utility to easily change settings in configuration files programming.misc main
sfml 2.5.1 A simple, fast, cross-platform, and object-oriented multimedia API multimedia.misc main
sfml-devel 2.5.1 Development files for sfml programming.devel main
sg3_utils 1.48 Utilities for devices that use SCSI command sets hardware.disk main
sg3_utils-devel 1.48 Development files for sg3_utils programming.devel main
sgml-common 0.6.3 Base ISO character entities and utilities for SGML office.docbook main
shadow 4.14.2 Utilitaires pour gérer les comptes utilisateurs system.base main
shairplay 24082018 Apple airplay and raop protocol server network.misc main
shairplay-devel 24082018 Development files for shairplay programming.devel main
shared-color-profiles 1.4.6 Colord is a system activated daemon that maps devices to color profiles. x11.misc main
shared-mime-info 2.4 The shared MIME info database desktop.misc main
shiboken2 5.15.12 Shiboken2 is the binding generator used to create the PySide2 bindings. programming.language.python3 main
shine 3.1.1 Super fast fixed-point MP3 encoder multimedia.sound main
shine-devel 3.1.1 Header files for shine. programming.devel main
shutterbug 1.7.82 Shutterbug is a simple screen snapshot application inspired by SGI Snapshot. main
signon 8.61 A framework for centrally storing authentication credentials programming.library main
signon-devel 8.61 Development files for signon programming.devel main
signon-docs 8.61 Help files and API documents for signon main
signon-kwallet-extension 23.08.4 KWallet signon extension main
signon-plugin-oauth2 0.25 OAuth 2 plugin for signon programming.library main
signon-plugin-oauth2-devel 0.25 Development files for signon-plugin-oauth2 programming.devel main
signon-ui 0.17 UI component responsible for handling the user interactions which can happen during the login process of an online account programming.library main
sil-lateef-font 1.200 OpenType Arabic font from SIL desktop.font main
simple-scan 44.0 Simple scanning utility desktop.gnome.apps main
simpleburn 1.8.4 A simple GTK+ application for burning CDs and DVDs hardware.optical main
simplescreenrecorder 0.4.3 creen recorder that is actually quite complex, but 'simple' in the sense that it's easy to use multimedia.videoplayer main
skanlite 2.2.0 Lite scanning tool for KDE hardware.scanner main
skrooge 2.31.0 Personal finances manager office.misc main
skypeforlinux Skype keeps the world talking, for free. contrib
slack-desktop 4.35.131 Slack Desktop contrib
slang 2.3.2 Console display library used by most text viewer programming.library main
slang-devel 2.3.2 Development files for slang system.devel main
smartmontools 7.4 Programs to control and monitor storage systems using the Self-Monitoring hardware.disk main
smb4k 3.1.5 An SMB/CIFS Share Browser for KDE network.share main
smpeg 0.4.5 SDL MPEG main
smpeg-32bit 0.4.5 32-bit shared libraries for smpeg emul32 main
smpeg-devel 0.4.5 Development files for smpeg programming.devel main
smplayer 22.7.0 A complete front-end for MPlayer multimedia.videoplayer main
smtube 21.7.0 Play and download Youtube videos multimedia.videoplayer main
snappy 1.1.9 A fast compressor/decompressor librar system.base main
snappy-devel 1.1.9 snappy için geliştirme dosyaları system.devel main
snorenotify 0.7.0 Multi-platform Qt5 notification framework desktop.kde.addon main
snorenotify-devel 0.7.0 Devel files for snorenotify programming.devel main
socat Multipurpose relay network.misc main
solid 5.114.0 KDE5 hardware integration framework desktop.kde.framework main
solid-devel 5.114.0 Development files for solid programming.devel main
sonnet 5.114.0 KDE spell schecking library desktop.kde.framework main
sonnet-devel 5.114.0 Development files for sonnet programming.devel main
sord 0.16.14 Sord is a lightweight C library for storing RDF statements in memory. multimedia.misc main
sord-devel 0.16.14 Development files for sord programming.devel main
sound-theme-freedesktop 0.8 Freedesktop sound theme multimedia.sound main
soundconverter 4.0.4 GNOME sound converter application. multimedia.converter main
soundkonverter 3.0.1 SoundKonverter is a frontend to various audio converters. multimedia.converter main
soundtouch 2.1.2 Audio Processing Library multimedia.sound main
soundtouch-devel 2.1.2 Development files for soundtouch programming.devel main
source-highlight 3.1.9 Source code to syntax highlighted document converter. programming.misc main
source-highlight-devel 3.1.9 Development headers for source-highlight programming.devel main
source-highlight-docs 3.1.9 Documentation files for source-highlight main
sox 14.4.2 The swiss army knife of sound processing programs multimedia.sound main
sox-devel 14.4.2 Development files for sox programming.devel main
spamassassin 4.0.0 Spam detector and markup engine. network.mail main
spdlog 1.11.0 Fast C++ logging library. programming.library main
spdlog-devel 1.11.0 Fast C++ logging library. programming.devel main
spectacle 23.08.4 KDE screenshot capture utility main
speech-dispatcher 0.11.5 speech dispatcher: common interface to speech synthesis multimedia.sound.speech-dispatcher main
speech-dispatcher-devel 0.11.5 Development headers for speech-dispatcher programming.devel main
speex 1.2.1 Audio compression format designed for speech and its converter application multimedia.sound main
speex-32bit 1.2.1 32-bit shared libraries for speex emul32 main
speex-devel 1.2.1 Development files for speex programming.devel main
speexdsp 1.2.1 DSP library derived from Speex. multimedia.sound main
speexdsp-32bit 1.2.1 32-bit shared libraries for speexdsp emul32 main
speexdsp-devel 1.2.1 Development files for speexdsp programming.devel main
spice 0.15.2 Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments hardware.virtualization main
spice-devel 0.15.2 Development files for spice programming.devel main
spice-gtk 0.42 GTK+ client library for SPICE. desktop.toolkit.gtk main
spice-gtk-devel 0.42 Development files for spice-gtk programming.devel main
spice-protocol 0.14.4 Headers for SPICE protocol hardware.virtualization main
spice-vdagent 0.21.0 Spice agent for Linux guests hardware.virtualization main
spidermonkey 91.9.1 Stand-alone JavaScript C Library system.base main
spidermonkey-devel 91.9.1 Development files for spidermonkey system.devel main
spirv-headers SPIR-V Headers x11.vulkan main
spirv-llvm 16.0.0 Tool and a library for bi-directional translation between SPIR-V and LLVM IR x11.vulkan main
spirv-llvm-32bit 16.0.0 32-bit shared libraries for spirv-llvm emul32 main
spirv-llvm-devel 16.0.0 Development files for spirv-llvm programming.devel main
spirv-tools API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules x11.vulkan main
spirv-tools-32bit API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules emul32 main
spirv-tools-devel API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules programming.devel main
splix 2.0.1 A set of CUPS printer drivers for SPL (Samsung Printer Language) printers hardware.printer main
spotify Music Player multimedia.sound contrib
spread-sheet-widget 0.8 Library for Gtk+ which provides a widget for viewing and manipulating 2 dimensional tabular data science.mathematics main
spread-sheet-widget-devel 0.8 Library for Gtk+ which provides a widget for viewing and manipulating 2 dimensional tabular data programming.devel main
sqlcipher 4.3.0 SQLite extension that provides transparent 256-bit AES encryption of database files. server.database main
sqlcipher-devel 4.3.0 Development files for sqlcipher. programming.devel main
sqlite 3.44.2 An SQL Database Engine in a C Library system.base main
sqlite-32bit 3.44.2 32-bit shared libraries for sqlite emul32 main
sqlite-devel 3.44.2 Development files for sqlite system.devel main
sqlite-doc 3.44.2 sqlite-doc, sqlite için doküman belgeleri main
sqlite-tcl 8.6.13 files for sqlite-tcl programming.language.tcl main
squashfs-tools 4.6.1 Userspace tools to create squashfs compressed filesystem hardware.disk main
squashfuse 0.1.104 FUSE filesystem to mount squashfs archives programming.library main
squashfuse-devel 0.1.104 Development files for squashfuse programming.devel main
squeak-vm Full-featured implementation of the Smalltalk programming language and environment. hardware.virtualization main
sratom 0.16.14 An LV2 Atom RDF serialisation library. multimedia.misc main
sratom-devel 0.16.14 Development files for sratom programming.devel main
srt 1.4.2 Secure Reliable Transport protocol tools network.library main
srt-devel 1.4.2 Development files for srt programming.devel main
sshfs 3.7.3 A filesystem client based on the SSH FTP hardware.disk main
sshpass 1.06 Fool ssh into accepting an interactive password non-interactively server main
stardict-essential-turkish 0.2 Stardict essential dictionaries for Turkish users office.dictionary main
startup-notification 0.12 Application startup notification and feedback library desktop.misc main
startup-notification-devel 0.12 Development files for startup-notification programming.devel main
steam Steam for linux network.misc contrib
stellarsolver 2.4 The Cross Platform Sextractor and Internal Astrometric Solver programming.library main
stellarsolver-devel 2.4 Development files for stellarsolver programming.devel main
step 23.08.4 Interactive Physical Simulator main
strace 6.6 Tracks and displays system calls associated with a running process util.misc main
stress 1.0.7 Tool to impose load on and stress test a computer system hardware.disk main
sublime-merge 2039 Meet a new Git Client, from the makers of Sublime Text development contrib
sublime-text 4169 Sophisticated text editor development contrib
subtitlecomposer 0.7.1 Video subtitle editor desktop.kde.utils main
subversion 1.14.2 A compelling replacement for CVS programming.scm main
subversion-devel 1.14.2 Development files for subversion programming.devel main
sudo 1.9.15_p5 Allows restricted root access for specified users util.admin main
suil 0.10.18 Lightweight C library for loading and wrapping LV2 plugin UIs multimedia.sound main
suil-devel 0.10.18 Development files for suil programming.devel main
SuiteSparse 5.13.0 SuiteSparse, a suite of Sparse matrix software science.mathematics main
SuiteSparse-devel 5.13.0 Development files for SuiteSparse programming.devel main
sundials 5.3.0 A program that automatically solves layouts of Freecell and similar variants of Card Solitaire science.mathematics main
sundials-devel 5.3.0 Development files for sundials programming.devel main
sushi 45.0 A file previewer for the GNOME desktop environment. desktop.gnome.base main
suspend 1.0_p20200924 A set of tools to support sleep modes hardware.powermanagement main
svt-av1 1.7.0 Scalable Video Technology AV1 encoder and decoder. multimedia.misc main
svt-av1-devel 1.7.0 Development files for svt-av1 programming.devel main
swig 4.0.2 Connects C/C++/Objective C to some high-level programming languages programming.library main
switcheroo-control 2.6 D-Bus service to check the availability of dual-GPU hardware.powermanagement main
switcheroo-control-docs 2.6 Development files for switcheroo-control main
sylpheed 3.7.0 A lightweight email client and newsreader network.mail main
sylpheed-devel 3.7.0 Development files for sylpheed programming.devel main
sylpheed-docs 3.7.0 Documentation files for sylpheed main
SynfigStudio 1.5.1 Professional vector animation program Graphics contrib
syntax-highlighting 5.114.0 Syntax highlighting engine for structured text and code desktop.kde.framework main
syntax-highlighting-devel 5.114.0 Development files for syntax-highlighting programming.devel main
sysfsutils 2.1.0 System Utilities Based on Sysfs system.base main
sysfsutils-devel 2.1.0 Development files for sysfsutils system.devel main
syslinux 6.04 SysLinux, IsoLinux and PXELinux bootloader system.boot main
sysprof 45.1 Kernel based performance profiler desktop.gnome.apps main
sysprof-devel 45.1 Development files for sysprof programming.devel main
system-config-printer 1.5.16 A printer administration tool hardware.printer main
system-config-printer-gtk 1.5.16 GTK+ frontend of system-config-printer hardware.printer main
system-settings 5.27.10 KDE5 system settings manager desktop.kde.plasma main
system-settings-devel 5.20.5 Development files for system-settings programming.devel main
systemtap 4.9 Instrumentation System util.admin main
systemtap-sdt-devel 4.9 Static probe support tools programming.devel main
systemtap-testsuite 4.9 Testsuite allows testing of the entire SystemTap toolchain without having to rebuild from sources util.admin main
sysvinit 2.99 Programs which control basic system processes system.base main
sysvinit-tools 2.99 Tools used for process and utmp management system.base main