Paketler ( 6051 )

İsim Sürüm Açıklama Kategori Depo
aspell 0.60.8 A multi-language spellchecker office.spellcheck main
aspell-devel 0.60.8 Development files for aspell programming.devel main
assimp 5.2.5 Portable Open Source library to import various well-known 3D model formats in an uniform manner main
assimp-devel 5.2.5 Development files for assimp programming.devel main
astromenace 1.4.2 Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities game.arcade main
at-spi2-atk 2.50.0 Protocol definitions and daemons for D-Bus at-spi desktop.misc main
at-spi2-atk-32bit 2.50.0 32-bit shared libraries for at-spi2-atk desktop.misc main
at-spi2-atk-devel 2.50.0 at-spi2-atk için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
at-spi2-core 2.50.0 Protocol definitions and daemons for D-Bus at-spi desktop.misc main
at-spi2-core-32bit 2.50.0 32-bit shared libraries for at-spi2-core emul32 main
at-spi2-core-devel 2.50.0 at-spi2-core için geliştirme dosyaları programming.devel main
at-spi2-core-docs 2.46.0 at-spi2-core reference documents main
atk 2.50.0 Protocol definitions and daemons for D-Bus at-spi desktop.misc main
atk-32bit 2.50.0 32-bit shared libraries for atk desktop.misc main
atk-devel 2.50.0 Development files for atk programming.devel main
atkmm 2.28.3 C++ interface for the ATK library desktop.toolkit.gtk main
atkmm-devel 2.28.3 Development files for atkmm programming.devel main
atom 1.60.0 A hackable text editor. applications.development contrib
atril 1.27.0 Atril is a document viewer for the MATE desktop desktop.mate main
atril-devel 1.27.0 Atril development files programming.devel main
atril-doc 1.27.0 Atril documentation files. main
attica 5.114.0 Open Collaboration Service client library, based on Qt 5 desktop.kde.framework main
attica-devel 5.114.0 Development files for attica5 programming.devel main
attr 2.5.1 Utilities for managing filesystems extended attributes system.base main
attr-32bit 2.5.1 32-bit shared libraries for attr emul32 main
attr-devel 2.5.1 Development files for attr system.devel main
audacious 4.3.1 an advanced audio player multimedia.sound main
audacious-devel 4.3.1 an advanced audio player programming.devel main
audacious-plugins 4.3 plugins for audacious multimedia.plugin main
audacity 3.3.3 Multi-track audio editor and recorder multimedia.sound main
audex 0.95 Audex is an audio grabber tool for CD-ROM drives for the KDE desktop environment. multimedia.sound main
audiocd-kio 23.08.4 Kioslave for accessing audio CDs desktop.kde.applications main
audiocd-kio-devel 23.08.4 Development files for audiocd-kio programming.devel main
audiofile 0.3.6 An elegant API for accessing audio files multimedia.sound main
audiofile-32bit 0.3.6 32-bit shared libraries for audiofile emul32 main
audiofile-devel 0.3.6 Development files for audiofile programming.devel main
audit 3.1.1 User space tools for kernel auditing system.base main
audit-devel 3.1.1 Development files for audit system.devel main
aufs-util 20170130 Utilities are always necessary for aufs hardware.disk main
augeas 1.12.0 A library for changing configuration files util.misc main
augeas-devel 1.12.0 Development files for augeas programming.devel main
aura-browser 5.27.10 Browser for a fully immersed Big Screen experience allowing you to navigate the world wide web using just your remote control desktop.kde.plasma main
autoconf 2.72 Used to create autoconfiguration files system.devel main
autoconf-archive 2023.02.20 A collection of freely re-usable Autoconf macros system.devel main
autoconf213 2.13 Used to create autoconfiguration files version 2.13 programming.misc main
autogen 5.18.16 The automated text and program generation tool system.devel main
autogen-devel 5.18.16 Development files for autogen system.devel main
automake 1.16.5 A tool for automatically generating files compliant with the GNU Coding Standards system.devel main
avahi 0.7 Local network service discovery network.analyzer main
avahi-autoipd 0.7 Link-local IPv4 address automatic configuration daemon (IPv4LL) network.analyzer main