Paketler ( 5923 )

İsim Sürüm Açıklama Kategori Depo
zeroconf-ioslave 22.04.3 Network Monitor for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf) desktop.kde.applications main
zeromq 4.3.4 ZeroMQ core engine in C++, implements ZMTP/3.1 network.library main
zeromq-devel 4.3.4 Development files for zeromq programming.devel main
zim 0.75.1 A Desktop Wiki. office main
zip 3.0 Info ZIP (encryption support) system.base main
zlib 1.2.12 Librairie de compression/extraction standard system.base main
zlib-32bit 1.2.12 32-bit shared libraries for zlib emul32 main
zlib-devel 1.2.12 Development files for zlib system.devel main
zoom Zoom, Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Service contrib
zopfli 1.0.3 Compression algorithm. util.archive main
zorg 2.0.4 Çomar's X-Konfigurationtools x11.util main
zotero Zotero Standalone. Is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. unknown contrib
zsh 5.7.1 Powerful command line shell main
zstd 1.5.5 Zstandard - Fast real-time compression algorithm system.base main
zstd-devel 1.5.5 Development files for zstd system.devel main
zsync 0.6.2 A file transfer program that's able to connect to rsync servers util.misc main
zvbi 0.2.35 VBI Decoding Library for Zapping main
zvbi-devel 0.2.35 Development files for zvbi programming.devel main
zxing-cpp 2.0.0 A C++ library to decode QRCode programming.library main
zxing-cpp-devel 2.0.0 Development files for zxing-cpp programming.devel main
zziplib 0.13.72 libZ-based ZIP-access Library. util.archive main
zziplib-devel 0.13.72 Development files for zziplib programming.devel main
zziplib-docs 0.13.71 Documentation for zziplib main